7 Transformative New Year's Resolutions—and How to Achieve Them


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Every year the same standard resolutions tend to crop up—lead a healthier lifestyle, spend more time with family, live life to the fullest, spend less, save more. While these goals provide an overarching theme for the year ahead, there's one key issue: specificity. 

A Harvard University paper explored what separates a successful goal from one that's likely to fail and found that the way you articulate your resolution has a big impact on whether you'll achieve it. It found that goals must be hyperspecific and focus on short-term rather than long-term. Yes, if your 2017 resolution is simply to "lead a healthier lifestyle," you might be undermining your chance of success before the New Year has even begun. 

Another key takeaway? You must write down your goal. A Dominican University study found that people who put pen to paper accomplish significantly more than those who don't pen their resolution. 

To put it to the test, we asked MyDomaine's editors to share their number one goal for 2017, and a mapped clear, specific, short-term path to achieve it. Here's how to write a New Year's resolution you'll actually achieve.