DIY: New Year's Eve Confetti Numbers

To ensure your New Year's Eve bash is full of sparkle and style, we asked Australian-born Hong-Kong-based DIY darling Geneva Vanderzeil, the creative force behind a pair & a spare and author of DIY Fashionista, to create an exclusive craft project for us. Starting with an early love reworking thrift shop finds, Geneva Vanderzeil's passion for crafting "has grown to encompass DIYs in all areas of life," she says, whether it's "recreating the perfect outfit off the runway, interior decorating, developing your wardrobe, or travelling the globe." Adding entertaining to that list, she has crafted chic confetti-covered 2014 number that will make the perfect prop for a NYE photo booth; read on below to learn how to make it. dh-premium-slide-header-need
  • Cardboard (at least four sheets, sized to fit your preferred letter size)
  • White glue
  • An X-Acto knife
  • A foam or acrylic paint brush
  • Clear tape
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Heirloom Scissors, from $14, West Elm Silver Foil Curtain, $9, Party City Dahle Self-Healing Cutting Mat, $30, Blick
  • 1. Print It
  • Start by by printing your letters or numbers. I chose to do a tiled effect on my home printer, which allowed me to print them very large (at least 1' tall; 2'5" or more will make a great impact) and then cut them out and tape them together.
  • 2. Tape and Cut It
  • Tape your letters to the cardboard and cut the cardboard numbers out, using either a knife or scissors (or a mix of both). Complete all the numbers this way, and don't worry if they're not perfect, you'll be covering them completely anyway.
  • 3. Slice It
  • Cut up the silver paper into small, confetti-like pieces.
  • 4. Glue It
  • Put a generous amount of glue on the top of the numbers.
  • 5. Brush It
  • Use your paintbrush to spread the glue evenly all the way to the edge.
  • 6. Sprinkle It
  • Take a handful of confetti and distribute over the glue. Cover completely, press down, and then let dry.
  • 7. Trim It
  • Once completely dry, trim the edges so the number is clear.
  • 8. Hook It
  • Take a piece of string or long piece of confetti and stick it to the back.
  • 9. Hang It
  • Secure the numbers to the wall with some tape. Voilà!
sig Photographs: Geneva Vanderzeil