Pull Out All the Stops With This Decadent New Year's Eve Feast

New Year's Eve will be the grand finale of 2016, so it's the perfect occasion to go big. Put on your sparkliest holiday ensemble; wear that daring bold burgundy lipstick; invite that certain someone you've been hoping to spend more time with. And most definitely cook something fabulous.

The rest of the year, we tend to put an emphasis on easy or quick recipes—we're busy, after all! But now is the time to pull out all the stops with decadent dishes and a statement-making event. We turned to a handful of skilled bloggers and foodies to compile the perfect New Year's Eve fête—think a lavender and lemon champagne cocktail to kick off the evening, roasted beef tenderloin for the entrée, and jasmine tea white wine poached pears for dessert.

Make this complete menu, down to the sorbet palette cleanser, and you will most certainly impress.