7 New Year's Eve Ideas for Couples That Don't Involve Standing in Line

We consider the turning of the New Year a national holiday. As the year fades behind us, we tend to approach the incoming year with optimism and excitement. This usually translates to an important time for couples in romantic relationships; after all, some of our most important milestones involve our significant other.

The cold weather likely already has you cozying up to your partner, if only for practical reasons. Their physical and emotional warmth are only two factors that keep a relationship strong; date nights and other affectionate gestures are just as necessary to keep the flame alive. This applies year-round, but there is something extra special about the holiday season that implies romance. Snow, eggnog, and general cheer make December an enviable month, especially for single folks; that said, it also is a great time for memorable first dates.

Whether your relationship is brand new or has been going strong for years, New Year’s Eve is a great night for bonding. Depending on the year you have had, this may be your last moment to make it a memorable 2018, and who would be a better companion than the person you have already chosen to keep at your side?

MyDomaine has compiled some ideas for romantic dates on New Year’s Eve for couples, which you can peruse below. Maybe you would like the year to go out with a bang or maybe you would prefer to enjoy the last vestiges of the year in peace—however you choose to spend the final night of the year, we hope you and your significant other start 2019 with a bang.

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