7 Inventive New Year's Eve Ideas for Couples

New Year's Eve Ideas for Couples — Set Resolutions Together

We consider the turning of the New Year a national holiday. As the year fades behind us, we tend to approach the incoming year with optimism and excitement. This usually translates to an important time for couples in romantic relationships; after all, some of our most important milestones involve our significant other.

The cold weather likely already has you cozying up to your partner, if only for practical reasons. Their physical and emotional warmth are only two factors that keep a relationship strong; date nights and other affectionate gestures are just as necessary to keep the flame alive. This applies year-round, but there is something extra special about the holiday season that implies romance. Snow, eggnog, and general cheer make December an enviable month, especially for single folks; that said, it also is a great time for memorable first dates.

Whether your relationship is brand new or has been going strong for years, New Year’s Eve is a great night for bonding. Depending on the year you have had, this may be your last moment to make it a memorable 2018, and who would be a better companion than the person you have already chosen to keep at your side?

MyDomaine has compiled some ideas for romantic dates on New Year’s Eve for couples, which you can peruse below. Maybe you would like the year to go out with a bang or maybe you would prefer to enjoy the last vestiges of the year in peace—however you choose to spend the final night of the year, we hope you and your significant other start 2019 with a bang.

Have a Movie Marathon

New Year's Eve Ideas for Couples — Movie Marathon

The holidays may be just about officially over, but that may not alleviate the traffic and stress of the season. In that case, spending the day inside can lead to intimate fun, especially if you organize a movie marathon. While holiday rom-coms are a safe choice, we also advocate switching it up and watching some flicks that critics called the best of the year.

Have a Picnic at a Fireworks Display

New Year's Eve Ideas for Couples — Picnic at a Fireworks Display

In most towns across the country, fireworks displays are organized over beaches and lakes. You and your partner can make an evening out of the event by claiming a spot for your blanket early, with a picnic in tow.

Bring a bottle of sparkling wine and pop it as lights shower over the water to cap off the night beautifully.

Take a Winter Day Trip

New Year's Eve Ideas for Couples — Winter Day Trip

Getting away from your regular haunts can be the very thing that helps to shake off the year you have had. A road trip with your partner to just outside your town may lead to a new adventure and cherished memories. And who knows, you may even make a tradition out of it.

Visit the Spot of Your First Date

New Year's Eve Ideas for Couples — Visit the Spot of Your First Date

There's no better way to wish for a good future than by reminiscing on the successes of the past. Even if you had a terrible first date with your now-steady S.O., revisiting the place where you met can inspire romance and hope for many more years together.

Set Resolutions Together

New Year's Eve Ideas for Couples — Set Resolutions Together

People in long-term relationships often find their lives intertwined with their partner. As everyone resolves to take on new challenges and better themselves in the New Year, it can be healthy to set goals together as a couple.

Attend a NYE Ball

New Year's Eve Ideas for Couples — Attend a NYE Ball

This day and age does not offer regular people many opportunities to break out their best evening wear. You can plan ahead to give yourself a high brow New Year’s Eve featuring tails and heels. If this is not the perfect scene for a midnight kiss, we don’t know what is.

Cook Together

New Year's Eve Ideas for Couples — Cook Together

Building something from nothing can be massively rewarding, especially if you can eat it afterward. A romantic dinner or scrumptious dessert can be made even more special if you both helped to put it together.

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