When You Should Start Working Out if Fitness Is Your New Year's Resolution

The mere suggestion of beginning your New Year's fitness resolution today might have you wanting to run in the other direction. December is usually reserved for holiday parties, cozy indulgences, and skimping on workouts for the sake of staying warm in the comforts of our homes. The last two weeks of the year are the final stretch where we excuse our bad habits as holiday traditions and let loose before we decide to get our act together come January.

But it turns out that January 1 is actually the worst time to begin a New Year's fitness resolution. If there's any doubt, just think about the state you'll be in on the first day of 2017. New Year's Eve hangovers and the stress of heading back to the office set the mood at the start of the year, and if you think it's too chilly to hit the gym now, just wait until we're deeper into winter. So what's your best bet for sticking to your New Year's resolution if it's fitness related? Start it today. If you begin committing to your new workout regimen today, your chances of sticking to it when 2017 rolls around (and keeping it through spring and summer) are greatly increased.

Business Insider lists three reasons why this is the case. First, your body will acclimate to working out in the winter cold (or get used to making a habit of getting to the gym regardless of the weather) if you begin now. Don't wait until the temperatures drop even further to get your body into action. Second, it will instill good habits during one of the most indulgent times of the year, keeping you from packing on more pounds to burn come 2017. If you begin taking care of yourself now, you'll be less likely to overdo it at holiday parties. Finally, there's the mental aspect of pride to motivate you if you head into the New Year already committing to a healthy plan of action.

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