New Year, New You: Home Resolutions to Start Today

nye1 Ditch The LandfillComposting waste at home allows oxygen to break down organic matter and prevents harmful methane from polluting the atmosphere. Even keeping a small compost bin indoors (tip: adding dry browns like potting soil or coffee grinds will help hide odors) will yield exceptional fertilizer in 9 to 12 months, and you'll be surprised at what you should save from the trash. Universal Expert Compost Bin, $65, West Elm
nye2 Look Good While CleaningSometimes all you need is a little wardrobe refresher to make you feel excited about cleaning house. Stash cleaning supplies like sponges, cloths, and toothbrushes in an apron that you wear only to clean and you can quickly capitalize on any motivation you muster. Hickory Stripe Utility Apron, $135, Black House Project
nye3 Clear Your PipesWhether you live with a long-haired teenager or a fuzzy bald man, clogged drains happen. Free yourself of the guilt when popping that bottle of Drano and opt for a Drain-FX instead. This system turns your existing kitchen or bathroom tap into a powerful pressure washer, to quickly break-up and wash away stubborn clogs. Buy it once and never have to buy another drain-cleaning product again.. Drain-FX for Sinks, $20, Amazon
nye4 Get SmartWhen you're out running errands or on your way home from work wouldn't it be nice to know you have a comfortable home waiting for you? With the Nest Thermostat, you can program your home's temperature from your phone. It also knows when you're away from home and switches to an energy-efficient mode, so you don't pay a crazy bill if you forget to turn off your heat or a/c before you leave. Nest Thermostat, $250, Best Buy
nye5 Banish Dust BunniesTired of clomping around with that big vacuum and whipping the cord behind you like it's John Wayne's lasso? Then saddle up to the AirRAM. At just 7.5 lbs., this cordless, bagless, maneuverable, vacuum sucks up dirt and dust and compresses it all into tidy bales that can be emptied right into the trash. Clean a four-bedroom home on a single charge while simultaneously calculating the electricity you save and even how many calories you burn.That's killing three birds with one stone (or vacuum). Gtech AirRam High-power Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, $350, Brookstone
nye6 Don't Burn Down The HouseAfter all that conspiring by the fire during the holidays, it's a good idea to get your chimney cleaned and to check your carbon monoxide detectors. Remember, you can't see or smell carbon monoxide, so you need to always keep your detectors in tip top shape. Plus, it's the law in most states. First Alert CO615 Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm, $31, Target
nye7 Clean The Windows, Catch Up On The NewsSave dollars on paper towels by using yesterday's newspaper when wiping down glass surfaces.The high absorbency of newsprint makes it so effective because it absorbs the liquid instead of pushing it around. Plus, it doesn't leave any of those white flakes like paper towels do. Be careful to stay on the glass though, as to not get any of the OpEd section on your window trim. Glass Cleaner, $7, Common Good
nye8 Pack It In We all know it's healthier, cheaper, and faster to pack your own lunch. Plus, why slave away at the hot stove for dinner if you can't enjoy the leftovers the next day? Commit to packin' by investing in a container you won't be embarrassed by in the break room. We love a modern bento box for its separate compartments and streamlined design. Square Bento Box, $32, Monbento
nye9 Couch CleanseMost of us would live on our sofas if given the chance. We'll take our meals, naps, and film screenings there. But, all the daily use can cause upholstery to harbor all sorts of nasty allergens, mold, and bacteria. Plus, if you cuddle your pets on your sofa there can be dander too, which can cause "the wheezes and sneezes." Clean your sofa at least once a year to stay fresh. Bissel Spot Clean Deep Cleaner, $120, Best Buy
nye10 Adopt a PlantIf you're missing the green that your Christmas tree provided during the holidays, add in some plants you can keep year round. Reap the benefits of adding herbs to your dishes for flavor instead of unnecessary fats or sodium, and breathe easier thanks to their natural air purifying benefits. Herb Pot Trio, $60, Burke Decor