NYC Girls Won't Go Near These Current Décor Trends

It can be difficult to navigate new trends in the décor space. Unlike fashion and beauty, buying a sofa or coffee table in this season's buzzy color is a serious investment—one that can't be undone with a swipe of makeup remover or a quick trip to the thrift store. In New York City, the stakes are perhaps even higher. Our apartments are smaller, and the cost of living is among the most expensive in the U.S. In other words, we don't have the space or money to make mistakes when shopping for furniture, so we adopt new trends with a discerning eye. 

Given the spectrum of trends that have emerged lately—terrazo, emerald green, and rattan all feature—we turned to MyDomaine's New York–based editors to find out which ones they're actually adopting. Here's their take on the current décor trends to skip and the ones that are worth your square-footage. 

Won't Try: Denim SofasWill Try: Velvet Sofas

"I just can't get down with denim sofas. I've seen them look so chic in other people's homes (Denise Vasi's incredible living room comes to mind), but when I imagine one in my tiny living room, it feels way too collegiate for my taste. Instead, I'm all about the luxurious feeling of a velvet sofa."

Anine Bing Home
Jenna Peffley for MyDomaine
Heatherly Sofa
Anthropologie Heatherly Sofa $2598

The Heatherly sofa is no longer available. A similar style, Anthropologie's Vera sofa, retails for $2698.

Won't Try: Leopard PrintWill Try: Plants and Nature Prints

"I've never been an animal-print person, even in its early 2000s heyday. While I currently understand the appeal when it comes to fashion (I've debated buying the ubiquitous Réalisation Par Naomi Skirt on countless occasions), I don't love it enough to add leopard-print details to my space, especially considering that home trends are not nearly as fleeting as fashion trends. Instead, I prefer to add texture and complexity to my apartment through greenery and artwork; I just bought this "plant cell" print from Minted."

Best Decor Trends
Amber Interior Design
Bullet Planter
Hip Haven Bullet Planter $160

Won't Try: MinimalismWill Try: Maximalism

"I've always really appreciated the minimalist aesthetic, but when I tried to adopt the trend myself, my apartment didn't feel like a reflection of my personality. It felt naked. I'm a maximalist at heart, so I'm naturally drawn to bold prints, kitschy vintage pieces, and cheerful colors."

Maximalist Apartment
Max Humphrey
Macon Reed Reclaim Femme on Femme $100

Won't Try: Midcentury ModernWill Try: Mismatched Décor

"I've seen enough midcentury mid-tone wood furniture to last a lifetime. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against modern furniture that was actually designed and produced in the 1950s (especially if it's of Danish origins), but midcentury-style everything has been overdone by every furniture brand. If I don't have to see another midcentury storage piece, it won't be too soon.

"Instead, I love unexpected furniture finishes and mixing materials, colors, and textures: a black marble table next to a light-wood antique, for instance, or a woven chair next to a cement stool. To me, it's all about the mix."

Best Decor Trends NYC
Charlie Ferrer
Tri Brown Marble Side Table
CB2 Tri Brown Marble Side Table $349

Won't Try: TerrazzoWill Try: Exposed Cord Lights

"Don't get me wrong—I love the look of terrazzo in a bathroom or kitchen, but I'm not convinced the trend is here to stay. It also requires a significant investment, and I'm not quite prepared to renovate using a material that won't be in style in years to come. Instead, I'm embracing pendant lights with exposed cords. It's particularly practical in my East Village apartment, which has power outlets in weird places."

Minimalist Home
Fantastic Frank
SAIC together pendant light
CB2 SAIC Together Pendant Light $299

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