NYC Girls Won't Go Near These Current Décor Trends

It can be difficult to navigate new trends in the décor space. Unlike fashion and beauty, buying a sofa or coffee table in this season's buzzy color is a serious investment—one that can't be undone with a swipe of makeup remover or a quick trip to the thrift store. In New York City, the stakes are perhaps even higher. Our apartments are smaller, and the cost of living is among the most expensive in the U.S. In other words, we don't have the space or money to make mistakes when shopping for furniture, so we adopt new trends with a discerning eye. 

Given the spectrum of trends that have emerged lately—terrazo, emerald green, and rattan all feature—we turned to MyDomaine's New York–based editors to find out which ones they're actually adopting. Here's their take on the current décor trends to skip and the ones that are worth your square-footage.