This Is How an Interior Designer Transformed Her Manhattan Office—We Want In

When interior designer Mara Silber first visited what was to become her office and studio, she saw through what most others hadn't. The carpet was pink, the marquetry had seen better days, and the window coverings resembled more the overflow of a Belgian lace doily factory than actual curtains. But beyond these finishes that told tales of decades past, one thing stood out: the unrivaled sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline. Then and there, the designer knew this was the vista she needed to inspire her multiple projects.

Silber had a plan for the aged Upper East Side space—and it was merciless. After ripping out every last finish that remained in the studio, she transformed what was once a generic white container into a carefully crafted jewelry box—with the view serving as the crown jewel. Not an inch got left unturned during the renovation. At the end, what remained was an efficient workspace for the team of three, which also doubled as an elegant showroom for visiting clients. Wondering what a day in the life of a New York–based interior designer looks like? Take the tour of Mara Silber's office and find out.