Home Tour: A Hip Couple's Downtown NYC Loft

When prompted, many young New Yorkers admit to being reticent about raising a family in the big city. Constraints of tuition fees and real estate prices are often the catalysts for such debates, yet some families manage to make it seem effortless—enviable, even. The Krupas are one of those families.  After purchasing their SoHo loft in 2008, Danielle and Stephen Krupa enlisted the help of architect Julia Krupa—Stephen's sister—to outfit their brand-new loft. Seven years later, now with a growing family of four, the couple needed one more upgrade to meet the needs of their growing household. 

This time around, the couple enlisted the help of Megan Grehl, interior designer at Homepolish, to help tackle storage issues in the space. Danielle, a chef, blogger, and now mother of two, was in dire need of additional storage to contain anything from winter clothes to strollers and an impressive guitar collection. Between their passion for music, concerts, and food—there was no question that New York City was the only place for the couple to raise their two daughters, Audrey and Emme. Step inside the industrial loft that became a family-friendly home—proof it is possible to raise children in the Big Apple.