This New York Home Is How We All Want to Live

New Yorkers are notoriously short on two things: time and space. Living in this city of extreme constraints is at once invigorating and majorly challenging—making Manhattanites a special breed. In part, this is why we're so fascinated with homes in the Big Apple. These spaces are often a testament to acute efficiency—maximizing storage and minimizing any type of traditional "homemaker" task. New Yorkers are, after all, well known for using their apartments for little more than sleeping and—when they're not testing out the latest restaurant—occasionally eating.

Homepolish designer Jesse Turek understands this all too well. As such, when he was asked to outfit the one-bedroom apartment of a client in New York's Lower East Side, he knew he needed to deliver on three fronts: providing a respite from busy city living, maximize storage, and making the home as automated and efficient as possible. To achieve this trifecta, Turek relied on a palette of whites and warm woods, ample storage pieces, and the latest gadgets—like high-end sound systems and automated window shades—to create a refined and efficient space for his client. Step inside the apartment of every New Yorker's dream. This space is a lesson in tailored efficiency.