How To Play the Newlywed Game, Even if You're Not Married

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If you're fresh out of ideas for fun ways to get the party started during your next get-together, consider playing your own at-home couples version of The Newlywed Game. The fact that it will forever have a place in American game show history—and aired in different iterations throughout Australia and Europe— proves it's a winner. Our adaptation of the 1960s-era game lets you make your own rules, and you don't actually have to be newly married to play. All you need is the willingness to have fun and honestly answer questions about your longstanding or budding relationship. So let the head-scratching moments and dirty looks commence—and get ready to learn a lot about one another.

The Rules

If you're not already familiar with this grown-est of grown-up games (where have you been?), here's how it works: For the first five questions, one person from each couple leaves the room while the rest of you write down the answers. Once questions are answered, they'll come back to try and guess your responses. For the second round of five questions, simply alternate partners.

Consider asking these questions to get you started; then, come up with more thought-provoking (and slightly uncomfortable) questions on your own. 

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What' the One Thing You Do That Annoys Your Partner the Most?

Don't be mean. And get ready to become keenly aware of how annoying you really are.

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If You've Already Done It, Where's the Wildest Place You Two Have Made Love?

Cue the coy smiles and red faces. For even more laughs, swap "made love" with the funniest euphemisms you can muster. Think: "made whoopee," "sealed the deal," "got busy," or "bumped uglies." (You get the drift.)

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After an Argument, Who's Usually the First To Apologize?

Wild! See how fun it is to try preventing yourselves from getting into an argument about ending your arguments?

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Where Did You Two Share Your First Kiss?

Be forewarned: This is a memory test. And get ready to be wrong: Dead wrong. Just wait until the game is over to "discuss" the fact that you never seem to remember any of the important stuff.

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What Would Your Partner Say Is Your Best Physical Trait?

Pause for compliments, then take a bow. Even if you and your sweetie have different answers, it's still titillating to know the reasons why they think you're oh-so-hot.

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What's a Surefire Way To Get Your S.O. in the Mood?

Your deepest, darkest secrets revealed. And no, you can't un-hear the answers. Try not to be offended when fellow partygoers fall down laughing at your sexual proclivities.

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What Three Things Would Your Partner Want To Have While Stranded on a Deserted Island?

It's pretty tough to guess all three answers. And the improbability of ever being left to rot on a deserted island, at the very least, will stimulate interesting existential conversation.

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If You Had To Take One of Partner's Parents or Family Members on Vacation, Who Would It Be?

Ah, the in-law issue. This one's particularly challenging—and could cause some juicy controversy—because it forces you to acknowledge their apparently positive qualities.

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What's Your Partner's Nickname for You?

Whether it's loving, or slightly off-color, those little nicknames we have for one another will elicit giggles (or outright guffaws).

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