New Research Shows Nice Guys Finish First

Looks like the idea that nice guys finish last isn’t so true after all. Huffington Post is reporting on a new study investigating men’s altruistic tendencies versus their physical looks, and the research discovered that women find men most attractive in scenarios involving kind, heroic, or generous actions. Just over 200 women were shown pictures of 24 men of varying degrees of handsomeness doing different things. The images women found most appealing were ones depicting the men rescuing a drowning child or bringing food to a homeless person—i.e., doing something altruistic.

The study also found that women looking for long-term relationships are more likely to want an altruistic man. Alternately, when a gal is interested in a fling, she prefers a selfish man. All of these findings were done as experiments, but lead author Daniel Farrelly, a senior lecturer at the Institute of Health and Society at the University of Worcester, says he hopes to next look at whether the discoveries actually relate to decision-making when both men and women pick a partner. “Apart from looking at real-world settings, it would be very useful to see what the pattern of results is for men’s ratings of women,” he added. “I think there will be some overlap but some differences—we shall see!”

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