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5 Easy Living Rooms Anyone Can Pull Off—Here's How to Get the Look

Sunny living room.

When you think of decorating a space as pivotal as the living room, the word "easy" likely isn't the first thing that comes to mind. However, there's no reason that a stylish, nice living room can't come together in a snap. All it takes is a combination of a few key elements to create a room that's the perfect living space for your home. Whether your space is a bit cramped or absolutely spacious, the same central pieces are all you need. The rest comes down to your own personal tastes (and budget).

Arguably all living rooms start with the all-important couch (sofa, sectional, or loveseat—you decide) and a coffee table to fit your needs. From there, if room permits, you can add on additional elements like a single accent chair or a pair of them, a side table (or two), perhaps another sofa, plants, and wall hangings. With these ingredients, you'll be on your way to whipping up the easy, breezy living room of your dreams.

In order to get your creative juices flowing, we've rounded up five nice and easy living rooms with covetable layouts and furnishings. Trust us, anyone can pull off these styles. Keep scrolling for a look at these beautiful spaces and shop the looks while you're at it.

Nice Living Room
Katherine Carter

The Room: This striking living room features a classic layout. A long, leather couch is situated across from two identical lounge chairs. Between these elements is a glass coffee table and a cushioned ottoman. All of these pieces are carefully placed on top of a neutral area rug. On the far end of the room, a simple round mirror hangs above the fireplace while potted plants sit on the ground below.

Get the Look: Even if your living room isn't quite as spacious, you can still get the look by framing your space with a couch and a pair of accent chairs with a coffee table in the center. Decorate with a mirror and plants for an easy refresh.

Pink Living Room
Alyssa Rosenheck

The Room: When you parse this nice living room down to its most basic elements, it's quite a simple set up. Two identical blush couches sit across from one another with their backs to the walls in order to maximize space. At the center, of course, is a wood-topped coffee table to display books and small décor details. While one couch sits in front of a window, the other is situated beneath an abstract painting that perfectly matches the color scheme of the room.

Get the Look: Transform your living room into a stylish space like this by utilizing not one, but two couches, a simple coffee table, and wall art to match.

Nice Living Room—minimal living room
Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

The Room: This living room located in a Caroll Gardens townhouse is proof that anyone can pull off a stylish living room even with limited space. While two sofas might make this floorplan feel closed off, the combination of a small couch, one accent chair, and a stool allows the space to effortlessly spill into the next room. There's also a light area rug used to define the space without obstructing any path and a glass coffee table with an extra shelf for additional storage space. Every nook and cranny of the space has been utilized, yet it doesn't feel overbearing. A large rectangular mirror hangs above the mantel which also features an elegantly draped potted plant.

Get the Look: Achieve a similar style at home by arranging a couch across from an accent chair and stool with a coffee table in the middle.

Contemporary Living Room
Sarah Sherman Samuel

The Room: Rather than the couch facing off with a pair of matching lounge chairs, this living room features a sofa faced squarely toward the television mounted on the wall above a lovely terrazzo shelf. Two identical accent chairs sit to the far side of the room to close off the layout and ensure that the large space still feels intimate. A coffee table remains in the center of the room while a lavender bench serves as an additional perimeter piece across from the chairs. The couch is flanked by a contemporary gold side table and a floor lamp in a similar brass material.

Get the Look: If you have the space, focus on the big elements like a single, statement couch, lounge chairs, a coffee table, and a bench. If there's room (and budget) to spare, decorate with lighting, art, and plants.

White A-Frame Living Room
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

The Room: In this expansive mid-century modern A-frame living room, all of the space is utilized. The main seating feature is, of course, the couch. To its left a leather poof and a vintage-inspired hoop chair offer addition places to sit while two more lounge chairs create more seating to the right. In the center are two nesting coffee tables, perfect for getting the most out of a large space. The rest of the pieces are mostly stylistic, like the woven baskets, potted plant, floor lamp, rug, and scones.

Get the Look: Whether you have a large or small space, you can emulate this room's décor by sourcing mid-century modern pieces. Focus on making room for the couch, a coffee table, and just one statement accent chair and add on if space allows.