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The One Thing Your Nightstand Needs, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

nightstand ideas

 Coco Lapine

We often think about the big picture when it comes to telling our home’s story, but little vignettes can say a lot about who we are. And perhaps no vignette is more personal than what we store in and on top of our bedside table. It’s the last thing we see before we turn out the lights and a zen station from which to start our day, after all.

Here are the things each of the 12 astrological signs can use to make the most of the space and create cosmic bedroom bliss.


Headstrong, passionate, and ruled by the planet named for the Roman god of war, Aries need a place where they can regroup and feel comfortable letting their guard down. Sometimes, the best way to do that is to fight fire with fire. A soothing candle in a scent that promotes sleep—think geranium, lavender, or bergamot—does the trick.

Neutral bedroom with pink and peach accents.

House of Harvee


Each sign is associated with a different part of the body, and the cosmic bull is tied to the neck, which also happens to be a place where we carry stress. For Taurus, the sign that loves to be pampered, a warm compress draped around the neck and shoulders is key to easing tension after a long day. Opt for one in a cheerful print that's pretty enough to display around the clock.


Vivacious and quick-witted, Geminis are the chatterboxes of the celestial universe and love sharing ideas with anyone that will listen. Not only will a virtual home assistant talk back, but it’s the perfect tool for the multi-tasking twins. When they’re ready to wind down, it can cue up a meditation or some smooth jazz. The device's small footprint allows it to seamlessly blend in amongst the countless books and magazines in Gemini's bedside collection.

Pink flowers on nightstand
 The College House Wife


Empathetic and highly intuitive, the sensitive crab often assumes a caregiver role so having a cozy sanctuary that they can retreat to is a must. Colorful blooms act as a calming counterbalance to some of the more intense emotions they’re bound to feel. And because Cancers are homebodies, they’re around enough to truly appreciate the buds before they wilt away, making a monthly floral subscription a worthwhile investment.

nightstand ideas

Gold A La Mode


The fearless lion is the king of the jungle and the starry skies. Bold and entertaining, Leos love to make a statement and for their decor to do the same. Seek out a catch-all in a luxe material like gold or marble to corral jewelry, eyeglasses, and other accessories. Bonus: a monogrammed option allows you to show off your royal seal, er, initials.


The methodical and solution-oriented Virgo probably already has the most organized, picture-perfect nightstand, but where they may need help is the organization of their thoughts. A beautiful journal or minimalist notepad allows them to offload everything that happened that day, plan for tomorrow, and clear their head before bed. It’s also there if a big idea happens to arrive in the middle of the night. 

Funky nightstand
 Anne Sage


With a keen eye, Libras make for great stylists, decorators, and critics. A framed work of art allows them to showcase their impeccable taste. Relationships are also a priority for Libras, so balance—see what we did there—it out with an equally eye-catching family photo for an additional serotonin boost.


Mysterious and sensual, Scorpios crave both physical closeness and emotional intimacy. Indulge in an expensive hand cream or body butter for a little self-care or an impromptu massage with a significant other. Look for minimalist packaging to keep from visually cluttering up space.

nightstand ideas

 Devon Grace Interiors


If Sagittarius had it their way, they’d rarely be home long enough to sleep in their own beds. The cosmo’s archer seems to always be on a thrill-seeking adventure. That’s why a silk sleep mask is their perfect bedside companion—it makes it possible to get some shut-eye, no matter the time of day or time zone, and can be thrown in a carry-on bag at a moment’s notice.

Boho bedroom
 mStarr Design Studio


Capricorns are often described as the workaholics of the bunch, and they use their hard-earned money to invest in long-lasting, high-quality items. A modern valet, complete with a built-in charging station, is a sleek solution for streamlining busy mornings.


Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, a mystical healer who bestows life upon the land. As such, individuals who identify with this air sign are in touch with their surroundings and environmentally conscious. They’re also lovers of invention and eccentricity. An alarm clock that mimics the rising sun checks all the boxes.

nightstand ideas

Katie Martinez


Ruled by Neptune, which governs creativity, ethereal Pisces need a relaxing space to both daydream and actually dream. A sound machine—especially one that captures water in all its forms, like an ocean wave and babbling brook—is good, but taking it one step further, try an actual fountain. Wellness gurus and bloggers swear by its restorative powers and nowadays there are surprisingly compact and stylish options that don’t take up a lot of space—cue optimal snooze conditions.