A Nike Trainer Shares Her Favorite Workout for Women (That Gets Results)

Finding the time to fit in a nutritious dinner in today's frenetic pace isn't easy, let alone scheduling in the recommended 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week. That's why we're all about those easy weeknight recipes and at-home workouts. We apply this "more bang for your buck" philosophy to most aspects of our lives, which is why our ears perked up when we heard Nike trainer Kirsty Godso's favorite workout for women: strength training.

While everybody responds differently to various training styles, Godso says when used properly, weight training should not "bulk" you. "Unless, of course, that's your goal and your program is set to reflect that," she adds. "For me personally, I've noticed the biggest changes in my body from strength training. It's an amazing form of training for women and something that definitely shouldn't be feared. There are numerous reasons we need to be strong in this life, but it can help you develop lean muscle mass (don't panic at the word mass—the more lean muscle we have, the less fat we have on our body), it will help you move better and with more control and feel incredible. There is no denying the impact that weight training can have on your mental and physical presence."

Okay, we're on board. Ahead, Godso outlines some of her key health and fitness tips, which you can incorporate into your lifestyle to help you keep your health goals on track.