No Matter What Instagram Says, Nobody's Life Is Perfect

I used to spend a lot of time reading blogs. However, I had to stop because I kept comparing my life to the perfection seen on the screen. I don’t have an attractive S.O. who brings me flowers, I don’t have a Pinterest-worthy gallery wall, and I don’t wear designer outfits that should be photographed. I would look at the blogs and start to seriously put myself down. According to the perfect lives depicted on so many lifestyle and fashion blogs, everyone has it better than me.

But nobody leads a charmed life, and as a recent Entrepreneur article points out, the perfect persona is a mere myth. “There’s little doubt that our own obsession with social media, blogging, personal branding, and user-generated content has done more to propagate the insidious myth that others have it better than you than anything else,” writes Steve Tobak. “Our online personas are more reflective of our narcissistic culture and grandiose egos than of who we are in real life.”

Studies show that social media can make us miserable and dissatisfied with our lives, especially when compared to others. That’s why it’s a good idea to remind ourselves that online profiles are only a small percentage of a person’s real life. As Tobak so eloquently puts it, “If you think others have it better than you, think again. You’re comparing yourself to 99 percent BS. Nobody leads a charmed life. Life is never easy and always what you make of it. And that’s the truth.” I couldn’t agree more.

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Do you ever look at blogs and feel envious of the lives depicted?