Say Goodbye to the iPhone—Your First Cell Phone Is Making a Serious Comeback

Updated 02/27/18

In a time of cryptocurrency, addictive social media, and self-driving cars, it's only natural to crave the simple technology of the past when notifications didn't rule your schedule and money couldn't be mined digitally (to be honest, this concept is still mystifying). In the spirit of television reboots and the resurgence of all things'90s, a startup named HMD Global, which licenses the Nokia phone, is bringing back the popular 8110 model that was first released back in 1996, according to a recent statement.

Thanks to a cameo in The Matrix, the cellular device appeared to be the epitome of futuristic technology at the time. Now, the phone returns 12 years later with a few upgrades, but it will still offer a hefty dose of '90s nostalgia. The phone is loaded with 4G connectivity; apps like Google Maps, Facebook, and Twitter; and the original curved slider design—and, yes, it even comes with an updated version of the iconic game Snake.

According to CNN, the original 8110 had a battery that could last up to six days and could store 16 ringtones and up to 324 names and numbers. While this technology sounds rather unimpressive by today's standards, the durable design and long battery life remain highly desirable and offer something that more advanced tech often can't. The 2018 version will still be able to hold a charge for an extended amount of time and even offers a standby mode to let you switch off and return only when you need your smartphone essentials.

"This time last year, we started our journey with huge expectations from fans and a massive responsibility to deliver on the legacy of one of the most innovative brands in our space. Since then, we have reintroduced well-loved icons, forged partnerships with friends old and new and delivered our pure, secure and up-to-date Android experience across our smartphone portfolio," Florian Seiches, CEO of HMD Global said in a statement.

Choose between Traditional Black and Banana Yellow when the phone drops this May, retailing at around $97. Would you forgo your beloved smartphone for this old-school device? Take a look at the classic design below.

Courtesy of HDM Global

As far as what's next for the future of cell phone comeback stories, we're crossing our fingers for a resurgence of the Motorola Razr (circa 2005), the T-Mobile Sidekick (circa 2002), and the revolutionary BlackBerry (circa 1999). Take a look down memory lane below.

Courtesy of Motorola

This slick phone was first released back in 2005. It offered a variety of color options and was perfect for ending a conversation with a dramatic flip.

Courtesy of T-Mobile

This 2002 relic was made for texting and offered a cool new way to slide open a device and easily craft long text messages.

Courtesy of BlackBerry

The original email pager, the BlackBerry from the early 2000s was proof you'd made it in your professional life. Give in to a little nostalgia and remember a simpler time when mobile phones flipped and slid open and high-tech meant customizable ringtones, not customizable emoji.

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