12 Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks to Make When You'd Rather Just Take It Easy

I don't know whether I'm about to age myself or prove once and for all how much I can't "hang," but the last time I decided to have a few drinks in the middle of the day turned out to be when I unexpectedly took a three-hour nap before dinner. Don't get me wrong—I love a good cocktail and a good mid-day party. But I also know that one too many boozy sips before happy hour will put me to sleep fast.

So here's a refreshing compromise: the mocktail. Filled with sodas and bold flavors, the mocktail is the perfect drink to sip when summer parties start long before sundown. And since they don't have the same sugar levels as their alcoholic counterparts, mocktails also make it easier to have an extra helping of barbecue, too.

Try serving one of these non-alcoholic summer drinks at your next party, and I promise your guests will thank you.