Non-Alcoholic Wine and 6 Other Party Drinks Guests Will Love

Updated 06/22/17
Non-Alcoholic Wine
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Since it's (almost) officially rosé season, we decided to round up the best wine for every occasion, from non-alcoholic wine options to traditional bottles and the hippest vessel of the moment, cans. And since rosé may not be everyone's drink of choice, we also included an equal number of reds and whites. So whether you just want to serve your guests a great bottle of vino, you'd rather ditch the alcohol content but love the taste of wine, or you're headed to a picnic and need something a bit more casual and convenient, we've got something to sip on for everyone.

Our menu begins with the best non-alcoholic wine options, then lists the hippest canned grapes, and ends with our favorite traditional bottles. Are you ready to chill your bottles and raise your cups and cans? Join the summer party by scrolling through our selection of nine wines, and then learn about each one to see which you'd like to try first.

For Alcohol-Free Sipping

Fre Chardonnay Non-Alcoholic Wine $19

Though it's free of alcohol, this bottle is made from real grapes and follows a similar process to that of wine with alcohol. The only difference is that the alcohol is removed by putting the wine through a machine called the "spinning cone." So if you love chardonnay but would rather skip out on the effects of alcohol for whatever reason, then this is a great option.

Eisberg Alcohol-Free Rosé $115

Eisberg is based out of the UK, which is why you see that lofty price tag. But if you love the flavor of rosé and would prefer not to consume alcohol, then this winery is worth looking into since it tastes just like regular rosé. Another difference is that it only has about 30 calories per glass, as opposed to 120.

Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon Non-Alcoholic Wine $9

Ariel wines are dealcoholized but they don't taste any different from the ones you may be used to drinking. If you opt for one of their reds, you can still reap the health benefits from antioxidant properties of red wine, like polyphenols, only you won't have to worry about the potentially unhealthy effects of alcohol.

For a Cool and Convenient Take

Ruza Rosé $14

Not only is this can of Ruza easy to transport and shop for (they sell it at most Whole Foods locations in California), but it's also a more casual take on the formal Provençal rosés that are super common. Plus, it boasts beautifully designed packaging that's perfect for a photo-ready picnic spread. The legality of public drinking varies from state-to-state, so here's a helpful infographic to find out more details. And if you live in a place that doesn't allow it, you can still get in on the fun by bringing the non-alcoholic wines recommended above.

Romona Grapefruit Wine Cooler $5

This lightly sparkling wine is blended with grapefruit for a sweet, refreshing flavor. With a playful can, it's a fun thing to bring as a contribution to an outdoor party. The best part about it? It doesn't require a can opener nor a bottle opener, so you can bring it on the go, making it perfect for picnics or other outdoor gatherings of the sort.

Ron Rubin Winery Pam's Un-Oaked Chardonnay $96

Sold in cases of 24 cans, this is the perfect beverage for a summer barbecue get-together or large gathering that you're self-catering. Canned wine is even more life-changing if you're hosting some friends on a boat since you won't have to worry as much about spills or broken glasses. Much like sipping on a beer, these chardonnay cans take out the pretension associated with drinking a glass of wine.

For a Classic Glass

Brendan Tracey Rue de la Soif 2014 $21

This French bottle of sauvignon blanc is unrefined and unfiltered, making it perfectly acidic and also giving it that orangey hue. With flavor notes of ripe lemon and grapefruit, it's best enjoyed during a warm summer evening with some raw oysters or goat cheese spread. 

Field Theory Blaufränkisch $24

This light-bodied Austrian wine is made by eco-friendly and vegan wine producers and features tasting notes of cinnamon, clove, and cherry for a subtle spice. Since its flavors make it a great fit for cheese and poultry, we suggest pouring it with a charcuterie plate when you're entertaining guests. Even better? The packaging is really stylish, so you can leave it out on the table proudly. If you like pinot noir, give this one a try.

Porter & Plot 2016 Rosé $24

Here is a nice dry wine with tasting notes of raspberry, vanilla, and strawberry, making it the perfect refreshing wine for a warm summer day or night. It's vegan-friendly, too. Serve it with something light like shellfish, salad, or a fruit plate.

What's your drink of choice from our wine list?

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