Ask Estee: Chic and Non-Traditional Holiday Decor

 _promo Q. What are some ideas for chic and non-traditional holiday decor? When it comes to holiday decor, I often find my clients would like to go the non-traditional route but don't necessarily know how to make it work. My best advice is to not be afraid to think outside of the box. Like designing and decorating your space, decorating for the holidays should be an opportunity to infuse your personality while still reflecting your particular aesthetic in your home.
Consistency is Key: Try choosing a certain theme, such as a vintage or Parisian Christmas, and incorporating it throughout your entire space. Whether it's a non-traditional color scheme, theme, or an unconventional style you're using, try to keep it consistent and don't be afraid to go bold. Try a New Color Combo: One chic pairing idea that I'm inspired by this year is using black and white. Black and white are not usually considered holiday colors, but when done correctly, they can be a really clean and fresh twist on seasonal decor. Try swapping out your traditional red, green, and gold for crisp white, bold black, and gray. This color combination can make a big impact, while still feeling winter-like and stylish. Add some large black velvet bows to your tree, along side some beaded and embellished ornaments for an updated look. Use Unique Flowers: When it comes to a holiday centerpiece or flower arrangement of the unconventional variety, try using winter branches and twigs mixed in with white roses or another white flower, such as magnolias. In the end, when it comes to dressing up your home this season, just remember to have fun and let your creative juices flow! estee-signature-layoutPhotograph: Courtesy of Erin Gates