Transform Your Space With These 7 Nontoxic Paint Brands

Updated 05/07/18
nontoxic paints brands
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN: JDP Interiors

When it comes to creating the ideal living environment, it can be easy to overlook some of the most basic and ubiquitous elements of your home. While lead paint has been banned since 1978, volatile organic compounds (also known as VOCs) are still frequently found in many traditional paints and paint thinners. In recent years, there's been a boom in alternative paint options that provide not only a nontoxic choice but also a more environmentally friendly one. Before you choose your next color and get to work, take a look at seven of the best nontoxic paint brands to transform your space.

Yolo Colorhouse

With a variety of vivid hues inspired by the natural world, Yolo Colorhouse is the result of a collaboration between two Portland-based artists. This interior paint is 100% VOC-free, water-based, and Green Seal–certified. Browse its site for a full range of colors, and shop online through retailers like Home Depot and Target.

Green Planet Paints

True to its name, Green Planet is one of the best nontoxic paint brands for protecting the environment. All ingredients, which include clay, mineral pigments, and soy-based resins, are clearly labeled and sustainably sourced. Shop the brand's full range of colors, available through purchase on the site.

Benjamin Moore Pristine EcoSpec Paint

If you’re looking for a mainstream paint that provides a nontoxic alternative, Benjamin Moore offers a great choice. This paint comes in a range of finishes, is 100% acrylic and low odor, and contains less than 10 grams of VOCs per liter. The best part? Benjamin Moore's full range of paint options is available in its EcoSpec line.

Bioshield Clay and Casein Paints

Derived from pure, raw ingredients, this paint comes as a powder that can be easily mixed with water to form the ideal consistency. We’re in love the color options and final appearance of this nontoxic clay paint.

Anna Sova Latex Wall Paint

Eco-friendly and non-VOC, this latex paint is made from 99% food grade ingredients. And as long as you’re redecorating, Anna Sova is not only one of the best nontoxic paint brands but also a great source for natural luxury bedding and home goods.

Harmony Interior Latex

A Sherwin-Williams line created from raw and sustainable materials, Harmony Interior latex paint is considered not only a non-VOC paint but also one of the most environmentally sustainable options. Ingredients used include sunflower oil and soy. This paint has the added benefit of being naturally antibacterial.

Wonder Pure Interior Latex Odor-Free Paints

Available in an array of fantastic shades, Wonder Pure is one of the best nontoxic paint brands for interior walls. This non-VOC paint comes in eggshell, flat, and semi-gloss finishes and is not only nontoxic but also refreshingly odor-free. View the line's full line of available colors.

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