Striking Blue Cabinetry Is Just the Beginning in This Quaint North Carolina Home

Decorating an open floor plan home comes with its own set of unique challenges. The lack of distinct spaces separated by walls can make distinguishing between rooms rather difficult. However, House of Nomad, a North Carolina–based design firm led by the insanely talented Kelley Lentini and Berkeley Minkhorst, was more than up to the task when it came to furnishing this lakeside townhome in Davidson, North Carolina.

Home to a young family of three that loves to entertain, each space needed to be both stylish and personal—not to mention kid-friendly. "A functional design was of the utmost importance," interior designers Lentini and Minkhorst told MyDomaine. "We wanted to pull out designs that were as trendy and timeless as they are." As you'll see below, the design duo certainly succeeded in curating a modern, eclectic home that's filled with classic small-town charm. Keep scrolling to step inside—because striking blue cabinetry is just the beginning in this quaint North Carolina home.