PSA: Tonight Is One of the Best Nights to See the Northern Lights in the U.S

Updated 09/13/17
Gal Meets Glam

While those who live in Iceland can enjoy the Northern Lights from late August until the end of April, the spectacle is more of a rarity for those of us living in the United States. But as Thrillist reports, we may have a chance to spot the Northern Lights as far south as Kentucky tonight and tomorrow night; The Space Weather Prediction Center has issued a "moderate" geomagnetic storm watch for September 13, and a "minor" watch for the 14th.

"There have been seven [solar] flares since September 4," which "trigger a series of events that lead to geomagnetic storms on earth and beautiful auroras twinkling off your eyes," writes the publication. "Sunday, the sun produced the seventh of those flares … its coronal mass ejection is projected to reach earth on September 13, producing another potent evening of the Northern Lights. The celestial display might be seen further south than you generally find it."

To see the lights for yourself, they recommend consulting the Space Weather Prediction Center's map of predicted aurora visibility and checking your local weather to check for clear night skies. "The recent flurry of solar activity is not expected to last forever," they conclude. "This is still special and absolutely worth trying to see at some point."

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