The Verdict Is In: These Are the Trendiest Flowers

Looking to broaden your floral know-how? MyDomaine has teamed up with Floom, an online platform that allows you to order bouquets and plants from the best artisanal florists. Each month they’ll be offering their own personal guide to the coolest blooms you might be hankering after without knowing exactly what they are called or how to arrange them. Here are Floom’s six floral picks for November.

Welcome to the latest edition of the Floom x MyDomaine flower guide. Each flower is seasonal, fresh, free of clichés, and imbued with meaning. Basically, we're channeling the same approach our florists take when creating bouquets, only they’re actual experts and this is your very own bluffers’ guide for quick-fix flower knowledge.

Picture it now: You’re at the office Christmas party. Karen from accounting is hovering lecherously under the mistletoe while Steve from HR dances alone to Wham! and Josh the intern stuffs miniature fondant fancies in his pocket when he thinks nobody is looking. You need to get this party started! What better way to do so than to casually drop some choice knowledge bombs about, for example, the role the Amaranthus plays in both Aesop’s fables and Paradise Lost? It’s okay, you can thank us later—right now, Mariah Carey is blaring and Steve is beckoning you to the dance floor with eyebrows arched. Keep reading for our top flower picks for your November bouquet.

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