20 Times Nude Art Was Surprisingly Sophisticated

The ever-changing tides of the art world can be hard to keep track of. Is abstract here to stay? Should you buy an oversized statement piece? Are we really supposed to display LED screens in our homes, to which art will be streamed?! Thankfully, there are a few key art movements that have proven to be timeless. Right alongside the enduring categories of landscapes and black and white art is another perennial classic—the nude. 

Dating back to Ancient Greece, the human form has long been a muse for artists and collectors alike, making it arguably one of the most iconic of subjects. If you're in the market for new art for your home, it's certainly a consideration. Not sure how you'd incorporate it into your living space? If you’re in need of a little inspiration (or convincing!), keep scrolling: We’ve curated 20 nude-art examples that are sophisticated, chic, and no reason to blush.

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