Sleep Under the Stars in This One-of-a-Kind Outdoor Hotel

With the rise of original makeshift hotels like the one currently floating on Paris’s River Seine, we have to wonder: When conceiving their new properties, are hoteliers and architects asking themselves, Will this look cool on Instagram?

It’s a question that must have been on the mind of Daniel Charbonnier, the hospitality specialist who teamed with conceptual artists Frank and Patrik Riklin on Null Stern Hotel, a single bed perched atop the Swiss Alps.

Sitting at nearly 6500 feet above sea level, the “room” is completely open-air, which means no walls, no ceilings, and no accompanying pool, gym, or hotel bar. Guests who decide to book the unique $250-a-night room will truly be one with the shimmering night sky.

The first iteration of the conceptual hotel was built in a converted underground nuclear bunker. For their second act, the minds behind Null Stern Hotel decided to do a complete 180, going as far above ground as they could.

“Even though this version is radically different from the first one in the nuclear bunker, the essence and the spirit of the concept remains the same,” Charbonnier told Inhabitat. “To put the guest at the center of the experience and to focus on the intangible by reducing everything else to the minimum.”

Interested guests can book the single room—which comes equipped with a lamp and a nightstand alongside the bed—over on the Null Stern Hotels website. And while the nearest bathroom is a 10-minute walk from the bed, the personal butler that comes as part of the package should more than make up for your extra trouble.

Will your next vacation take you to Null Stern Hotel?