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15 Best Organization Ideas for Your Nursery

nursery organization


Ahh, nurseries, the "aww"-inducing spaces that house teeny-tiny clothes, mini accessories, cute plush toys, and did we mention clutter to boot? While they may look adorable on the surface, nurseries are known to explode with baby essentials between a single diaper change.

To help you get the diapers, swaddles, toys, and gadgets under control without skimping on an ounce of aesthetics, we've rounded up 15 streamlined and stylish nursery organization ideas to inspire your new space. Whether you're going for the classic princess vibe, something that brings the best of nature indoors, or a modern and completely unexpected look, these children's rooms are anything but childish.

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Repurpose an Armoire

nursery organization


Don't get so hung up in the baby section that you miss the alternative pieces sure to elevate your nursery and storage needs. We love how this rattan armoire has been repurposed to house everything from plush toys to books. And while it might boast a past life in a dining room or entryway, it looks right at home in this sweet baby bedroom.

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Make a Case for Baskets

nursery organization


Woven baskets are one of our favorite additions to any room because they infuse so much texture into your space. But beyond good looks, they make for the perfect hiding place for all your home's clutter, especially when they come with a matching lid. In a nursery, a taller basket can do anything from hiding stuffed animals to working as a stylish baby hamper.

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Built-In Cabinetry

nursery organization


If you constantly struggle with an organization system to keep those baby diapers, swaddles, toys, and books under control, but you also allow your walls to remain bare, you're doing yourself a major disservice. Instead, transform a blank wall into a breeding ground for organization like this one.

Whether you're hiring a contractor or updating the oh-so-hackable IKEA Billy Bookcase, this setup is sure to evolve with your child's interests and styles over the years.

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Artsy Shelving

nursery organization


Rather than stuffing items into a closet or bins, invest in a beautiful shelving solution that allows you to display your favorite items while also keeping them organized. We love how this modern setup feels like it would fuel creativity for any little one.

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Locker-Room Talk

nursery organization


Whether you chalk it up to nostalgia or consider it the ultimate organization station, this colorful locker setup is possibly the cutest place to house those tiny hangers and even smaller clothes. Perfect for those sharing a room with a newborn, nurseries without a closet, or for creating a Montessori environment that encourages toddlers to dress themselves, these lockers are available in 10 colors, sure to go with any nursery theme you can dream up.

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Keep a Low-Profile

nursery organization


While it's common to keep things high up and off the ground in nurseries, we love the idea of installing a low-profile shelving unit that inspires free play when babies become toddlers. A shelving system like this is perfect for keeping things organized and within reach when your little one begins exploring.

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Divide and Conquer

nursery organization


Nothing can properly prepare you for the rapid pace at which babies grow. Keeping items organized by size ensures you have the right size available at every stage of your baby's growth. These adorable closet dividers keep things streamlined and cute.

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Grown-Up Sized Storage

nursery organization


While we love that everything fit for a nursery is petite—it just feels cuter that way—the truth is, bigger is almost always better in spaces that need an organization system. Rather than invest in a changing table that boasts a set of dresser drawers, opt for a much larger dresser sure to provide plenty of space for all those baby essentials.

A flea market upcycle painted in a nursery-friendly shade is always a smart choice.

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Cue the Cubbies

nursery organization


If ever there was a piece of furniture made for kids' rooms, it's the illustrious cubby system. As low maintenance as it gets, these catchall cubes make it easy to keep things in their place for both adults and kids alike. Organize by separating each box into categories, like toys, books, toiletries, etc.

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Walk the Line

nursery organization


If you're looking for a way to save and display sentimental items, like ultrasound photos, greeting cards, and certificates, consider hanging a line and attaching items with clothespins. The best part is that you can swap things out as needed and add items as often as you like. Then, when your child begins creating artwork of their own, your display will evolve with them.

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Make Your Furniture Work Overtime

nursery organization


Items that look stylish on the outside but boast extra storage inside are perfect for any nursery. Items like hidden-storage ottomans, rocking chairs, and baskets are great for keeping a tidy and functional space.

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On the Rails

nursery organization


Create endless organization solutions when installing a customizable shelving unit suspended by a railing system. The Container Store's Elfa line makes it easy to design and re-design based on your needs. We love how you can swap out shelves for baskets, drawers, and so much more.

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Spice Up a Spice Rack

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While the famous IKEA spice rack is advertised as a shelf with a bar across to keep spices neatly aligned and prevent dropping, it makes an excellent shelf for books and photos. Stand your books facing forward for both aesthetic and easy locating. We also love that you can install your spice rack upside down with the bar exposed to make the perfect hanging space for tiny clothes and accessories.

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Name That Bin

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Liberty Interiors

A handful of labeled bins are sure to keep even the messiest spaces under control, so it's no secret that a nursery can benefit from this storage solution. We love how this selection complements the room's color scheme, and the wooden labels keep everything tidy and in its place.

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Made You Nook

nursery organization

Liberty Interiors

If you have an awkward space in your nursery that seems to be dead space, use it to your advantage. Corner nooks and carved-out alcoves are perfect for setting up a custom organization situation. Place a few shelves, drawers, or racks to turn this awkward space into its own storage solution.