How Many Nuts Are in Single Serving? It May Surprise You

Editor’s Note: We’re thrilled today to introduce you to our new healthy living contributor, Heather Caplan, R.D., a registered dietitian from healthy living destination Spright, which offers simple, helpful everyday eating and fitness guides. Today Caplan is setting us straight on how many nuts actually make for a healthy serving—there's a pretty wide range! Read on for her serving size intel, plus other nutritional nut facts you should know.

Nuts are one the best go-to snack foods because they’re simple to pack, don’t have to be cooked or cooled, and easily mix with a variety of other foods. They’re satiating, with a high protein and healthy unsaturated fat content, while also satisfyingly crunchy and flavorful. You can’t go wrong! Nuts can get a bad rap because of their high calorie count per serving, but I think you’ll feel better about munching on trail mix instead of downing another disappointing bag of nutritionally void snack foods. They’re a high-quality energy source! So rather than worrying about overindulging, use this guide to mix and match one serving size of nuts with dried fruits, or even pack alongside fresh fruit or vegetables for a complete snack.