The New York Capsule: 8 Décor Pieces Every Girl in the City Owns

New York City apartments are the mecca for cool innovative décor. Far from the breezy boho houses of L.A., the ornate effortless apartments of Paris, or the minimal muted spaces of Copenhagen, New York homes, just like its residents, march to the beat of their own drum. Space is at a premium in the city that never sleeps. Personal style is celebrated, and salaries often run high—a trifecta that makes up the perfect storm for innovative edgy small-space décor that's high-end but understated.

So what are New Yorkers adding to their homes these days? We're seeing a mix of highly textured, moody, and dramatic items mixed with clever small-space solutions, from wall-mounted storage to black marble furniture. Want to learn how to decorate like a true New Yorker? This is the NYC décor capsule we're seeing in apartments all over the city.