The 6 Trendiest Flowers This Month, According to a Florist

Looking to broaden your floral know-how? MyDomaine has teamed up with Floom, an online platform that allows you to order bouquets and plants from the best artisanal florists. Each month they’ll be offering their own personal guide to the coolest blooms you might be hankering after without knowing exactly what they are called or how to arrange them. Here are Floom's six floral picks for October.

Welcome to the third installment of our insider’s guide to the coolest flowers you might find at this time of the year. I know what you’re thinking, MyDomaine readers. You’re thinking, Okay, third time around—the franchise has probably grown stale, and it’s only a matter of time before we’re introducing Ewoks or Sean Connery in a desperate attempt to maintain interest. Especially given that it’s well and truly fall now, and what good flowers grow as it gets cold?

Well, with the greatest of respect, guys: You’re wrong! The world of flowers stays beautiful all year round, and we’re happy to shed light on the finest October blooms out there. Keep these in mind when you’re trying to breathe fresh life into the gifts you send this holiday season.

Join us next month for another installment of the very best blooms to include in your arrangement.