6 Places to Skip During the Summer—and Where to Go Instead

It might be 5 o’clock somewhere, but if you’re staring at a calendar full of back-to-back meetings followed by weekends packed with bachelorette parties and weddings, a true vacation might feel many, many margaritas away. If you’re hesitant about splurging on a trip (yes, we understand all of those weddings and summer events add up), travel agents recommend jetting to an off-season destination to get more mileage out of your money.

“Like anything else, supply and demand often determine the cost of a vacation,” travel agent Greg Antonelle explains. “When it’s peak season in a particular country, city, or resort, the cost is almost always higher. When it’s the off-season, you are likely able to receive great savings.” And cheaper flights and accommodations aren’t the only benefits of booking in the off-season. Depending on where your wheels touch down, Antonelle notes that local shops and restaurants may offer discounts to attract more street traffic, too.

Yet to book your summer vacation? Here, travel agents reveal the off-season destinations that will make your dollar go further.