Forget the Beach—These Off-Season Winter Vacations Are So Much Better

While some have visions of jetting off to a tropical destination in a bid to escape dropping winter temperatures, others are inclined to embrace the cold. In fact, Darshika Jones, director of North America for travel site Intrepid Travel, indicates that more and more people are looking to visit winter destinations to make the most of off-season prices and avoid crowds. "Without the crowds, travelers can spend time immersing in a culture, talking with local people, and marveling at surrounding sites," she tells MyDomaine.

Not only is traveling in the off-season beneficial to you as a traveler, but it's also the responsible thing to do, according to Jones, as it combats excess tourism and puts less stress on a country or region. Because peak travel times will vary depending on your destination, you may have to do some research to learn when exactly is the best time to go. Luckily, Intrepid Travel recently launched a range of winter itineraries specifically designed for alternative travel. Here are the seven off-season winter vacations Jones recommends for travelers unafraid to brave the cold.