Inside the 5 Coolest Offices in the World

Finding a job you love encompasses far more than a great salary and job title. Given that we spend a third of our life at work, there's no doubt that a good office environment and strong company culture have serious sway among job hunters. So if you're on the lookout for your next big career opportunity, where should you set your sights?

Inc. has scoured workplaces around the world to create a shortlist of the coolest offices in 2016. If you thought Man Repeller's newly redecorated digs or Airbnb's nature-filled Tokyo office was insane, you're about to be floored. The companies featured on Inc.'s list include indoor basketball courts, arcade game rooms, and creativity labs where employees can take a break from their computers and try their hands at DIY projects. Ready your résumé—these enviable offices will make you want to switch jobs stat.