Desk Is Looking Drab? Consider These Office Wall Décor Picks

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The right desk décor and office design can make or break a workday. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that those working in an office with indoor plants and plenty of windows have better focus, a higher capacity for attention and a better mood compared to those without access to nature. Plus, there's just something maddening about staring at a white all day, so things like plants, artwork, and personal trinkets can really make a difference. In other words, never underestimate the importance of setting the right feng shui at work.

That being said, it is still a place of work, so well-organized storage spaces and usable surface areas should be a top priority. This leaves us with one valuable canvas with which to decorate: the walls. So whether you stare at a cubicle divider all day or you have the corner office—and even if you're tasked with decorating the common areas in an open space plan—allow our curation of office wall décor to guide your shopping excursions and design plans. Get ready to dress up the walls by your desk with inspiring artwork and stylish organizational pieces for a more efficient, beautiful workspace.

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Fantastic Frank

For the Cubicle or Open Office Desk

Sea of Love Art Print by Ingrid Beddoes
Ingrid Beddoes Sea of Love Art Print $59

Out of all the wall décor options out there, artwork that speaks to you will always be the best way to inspire creativity and peace while also beautifying your space. The beach motif in this print will motivate you to work hard for those beach vacation days, too.

Design Ideas Tinsel Photo Clips
Design Ideas Tinsel Photo Clips $20

Hang photos up on the wall of your loved ones so you can bring your personal cheer squad to work with you every day in a simple but stylish way. 

Rustico Leather Wall Pocket
Rustico Leather Wall Pocket $80

Place your pens, pencils, and other desk accessories in this chic leather wall pocket to clear up some surface space. 

Creekside Farms Gomphrena Wreath
Creekside Farms Floral Abundance Wreath $79

If you love fresh florals but have a hard time looking after them at work or don't have desk space for them, opt for a hanging floral wreath. This one is particularly sweet, boasting pops of pink wildflowers.

San Francisco city map art
WaldoRoadStudio San Francisco Map Wall Art Prints $15

Put up a graphic map print of your hometown to make you feel at home while also showing some pride. Or opt for a map of your happy place or dream travel destination to make you feel content and at ease while you work. 

Tempaper Self-Adhesive Wallpaper, Washed Lines
Tempaper Self-Adhesive Wallpaper, Washed Lines $125

Put this self-adhesive wallpaper up for a unique and well-designed personal area at the office. Then use as a canvas to display artwork and personal photos. You can also line your drawers with it if you prefer. 

Walls Need Love Dry-Erase Notebook Wall Decal
All Posters Dry-Erase Notebook Wall Decal $24

Stay on task and up to date with this dry-erase notebook-print decal. Not only is it cute, but think of all the paper you'll save. 

Sir Madam Toleware Organizer
Sir Madam Toleware Organizer $56

Keep your mail, letters, and important files organized without taking up any more valuable drawer space by hanging this on your wall.

For Common Areas and Corner Offices

Additri Wall Hanging
One Kings Lane Additri Wall Hanging $50

Not all offices need to be super formal to be fast-paced and productive. If you want to set the tone for a casual, laid-back workspace that's still high performing (and fashionable), opt for a textured wall hanging like this one.

Gold Black Orb Wall Art by Dawn Sweitzer
Dawn Sweitzer Gold Black Orb Wall Art $898

If you're looking for a simple yet sophisticated piece of art to display above the front desk or in the entryway, allow this abstract painting to greet everyone coming in and out of the office. 

Menu Grey Marble Wall Clock
Menu Grey Marble Wall Clock $350

Elegant and minimalist, this gray marble wall clock is the perfect thing to keep everyone running on time and in style. 

CB2 Graham Wire Wall Art
CB2 Graham Wire Wall Art $100

This thin geometric wire sculpture takes note from midcentury modern design and puts a fun, on-trend twist to Brutalism. Hang it vertically or horizontally depending on the proportions of your space. 

West Perro Standing Ojo Wall Hanging
West Perro Standing Ojo Wall Hanging $125

Clustered together in the corner above a sofa or a pair of chairs, these clay, wood, and cotton wall hangings will dress up a common sitting area. 

Anthropologie Sculpted Rattan Mirror
Anthropologie Sculpted Rattan Mirror $228

Never underestimate a tasteful mirror to elevate your walls. That empty corner over there? One mirror is all it takes to turn things around. This one is interesting and unique, yet it's also simple enough to flatter a variety of interiors. 

Anthropologie Antigua Hanging Basket
Anthropologie Antigua Hanging Basket $128

Staggered along the wall, a collection of these woven plates and baskets will instantly spruce up your blank walls in call spaces or lackluster conference rooms. Plus, the texture and protrusion will add a nice sense of dimension and depth.

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