The Natural Antibiotic You Need to Know About

Updated 09/23/16
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We’ve all been there: A jam-packed weekend is on the horizon when suddenly you can’t ignore your itchy throat and pounding headache, or the fact that several coffees can’t fight off your fatigue.

Don’t cancel your plans just yet.

Fortunately for you and your RSVP cred, we've found the natural immunity booster you've been looking for: oil of oregano. Yes, oregano is a tasty topping for your pizza but the oil (extracted by steam distillation) from the herb packs much more than just a boost of flavor for your late-night dollar slice.

Oil of oregano is the cleansing boost your immune system needs when it’s feeling down. There are several varieties of the oil, so it’s important find the right one. Look for the Mediterranean version, origanum vulgare, which is known to yield the most therapeutic benefits.

Consider it a trifecta of sorts: Oregano oil is a natural antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal, and it counts the naturally occurring antimicrobial—carvacrol—as one of its active ingredients. This could explain why oregano is so powerful: It fights off infections and harmful organisms, aids in allergy support, and treats everything from candida to redness and swelling. GI issues? Oregano’s got your back (or belly) there, too. Thanks to the aforementioned antifungal properties, the oil can battle parasitic infections and act as a digestive aid.

It’s also loaded with antioxidants and vitamins (including magnesium, C, and E), so it only makes sense that oregano combats aging-accelerators and serves as a natural remedy for discomfort due to your monthly pal—your period.

When we feel our immune system is being compromised or a rising general discomfort, we mix three to six drops of the oil with orange or green juice in the morning. We must warn you: Oregano oil is potent (think: a burning sensation in the back of your throat) and can be dangerous when undiluted, so be sure to read the directions for use of your specific oil on the label.

In case we haven’t hit the spot yet: Oregano oil can also be used topically to treat skin conditions like acne and psoriasis, reduce joint pain and inflammation, fight fungal infections, and calm itchiness. Due to its potency, the oil must be diluted with carrier oils like coconut or olive oil before it’s applied directly to the skin.

*Oregano oil supplements are not recommended for everyone. Before beginning a regimen of oregano oil to treat internal symptoms, consult a health professional.

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Have you tried oil of oregano before? When do you use it? Share with us below.

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