Old Company, New Job: Would You Go Back?

More people than ever before are returning to companies they left behind. In a survey with over 1800 human resources professionals, 76% of them said that they were more likely to rehire someone than they were five years ago. Employees are also often keen to get back in with a former employer. The same study showed that 40% of workers “would consider a boomerang.”

Interestingly, millennials were the most accepting of the boomerang employee idea: 46% liked the idea and would consider it. Perhaps it’s a popular phenomenon among millenials because they regret leaving in the first place. But more often, millennials are so adapted to a fluid career path that they think it’s just par for the course to rejoin a company that they’ve previously left.

It seems like stepping away from a company and taking a breather, whether it’s for personal, educational, or career reasons, is a good move for employees. According to LearnVest, “about half of HR pros and managers said they give higher priority to return applicants, citing that the prior knowledge of office culture and technical skills made them more attractive—and cost effective—candidates.”

To read more about the “boomerang employee” trend, visit LearnVest.

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