5 Essential Truths About Life and Aging From Women in Their 70s

Updated 06/02/17
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Nothing will open your eyes quite like speaking to a person three times your age; they've done, seen, and experienced things that you either haven't yet encountered or may never encounter at all. Wisdom aside, it's their unabashed candor that strikes us; they seem to have done and seen enough to strike worry, fear, and regret aside. With this in mind, Man Repeller recently interviewed three women in their 70s about life, aging, and what they've learned along the way. Below, read up on what New Yorkers Emily Lemer, Barbara Flood, and Beatrix Ost had to say:

"Once in a while I reflect and think, You know, you're going to be 80 in three years. But then I think, Oh well, who cares? How should I spend it? You have to stay in the now and not worry about aging."

"If I could give my younger self advice, I would say be fearless but cautious. Go with your nose, with your instinct. And don't regret; regrets don't bring you anywhere. Just don't repeat what you know you did wrong."

"You have to learn everything, do everything, don't be afraid, don't have regrets, don't have any guilt. Guilt can paralyze you, and it's boring. What's the point? I'd rather have some nuts and a glass of water and go to the theater."

"Stop worrying so much. As long as you have enough money to pay your rent and buy food, don't worry about anything."

"If you were told, Oh your legs are too short, your arms are too long, you're never going to be tall enough—it's all bullshit. It's you in that body, you're the only one there. Make it a good place to be. Your body is the only real gift you get."

Head over to Man Repeller for more advice from Beatrix, Barbara, and Emily, and share your own life experiences below!

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