Olivia Wilde's Morning Routine: Lattes, Legos, and Face Oil

Updated 04/23/18
Olivia Wilde and Baby
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Olivia Wilde never considered herself a morning person until she started a family. "[I was] not before I had kids, but now I really enjoy it because I get to see them before work," she explains in the May 2018 issue of Elle. Now, the mom of two makes the most of those early hours with her kids before heading to "the office"—an ever-changing place thanks to her roles as actor, producer, and chief brand activist for True Botanicals. Wilde's a.m. priority is her kids, Otis and Daisy, so her morning routine is streamlined and low-maintenance.

Here's how she starts the day…

First thing: "I don't have an alarm; I usually wake up between 6:30 and 7 a.m. with my son crawling into my bed or staring at me intensely, one inch from my face." Wilde's go-to outfit is La Ligne pajamas and Allbirds slippers.

Nightstand essentials: "Four or five books, water, and Legos. I highly recommend The Power, by Naomi Alderman, particularly for these times."

Skin routine: "I'm not a human being until I wash my face. I scoop the two kids up, and they sit on the bathroom floor," she says, noting she swears by True Botanical's Clear Pure Radiance Oil to hydrate her skin. "It's the only moisturizer I use… I'd always struggled with hormonal adult acne. I didn't understand that a face oil could be an antibacterial treatment and completely clear up my skin."

Coffee: "I'm a real coffee addict. There's a coffee place in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, called Bittersweet, and they have the world's best almond milk. I love their almond milk latte."

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