8 Motivation Techniques Olympians Swear By

Stressed about an important meeting at work? Imagine if that nerve-wracking event was all there was; if you'd been preparing for years for that single, seminal moment, and afterward you'd be judged and scrutinized by millions of people around the world based on your performance. If you thought your workday was stressful, consider the pressure on the thousands of athletes en route to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic Games. 

While their typical workday looks nothing like our own, their insight about how to stay focused and motivated isn't confined to the sports arena. In fact, many told MyDomaine that the lessons they've learned on the field help propel them in business, too. To find out their top tips, we spoke to athletes heading to this year's Olympic and Paralympic games, former world-class medalists, and the coaches who help them hit their goals. This is the secret to success, according to Olympians. 

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