Hosting social events during this busy season can be stressful enough, with the food preparations, last-minute décor updates, and occasionally painful conversations with your great aunt Mimi. Thankfully, we've taken the stress of the high-impact floral centerpiece off your plate. We joined forces with LEAFtv and our resident floral expert from Bloom and Plume to create this easy-to-follow video guide to a show-stopping ombré centerpiece.


Begin with nine bunches of spray roses roses in varying tones of the same color, here we opted for three bunches of magenta, three bunches of hot pink, and a three bunches of blush. step2 Prep stems by removing greens from the bottom half and trimming to equal lengths. Use the height of your container to determine the length. step3

Begin placing the darkest roses around the perimeter, making sure stem ends are snug in the corners of your container.


Continue to build around the circumference of the vase and begin mixing in the medium-hue buds. Make sure the transition between colors is gradual by continuing to use your darkest roses every few stems.


We recommend rotating the arrangement every so often to be sure the shape and color distribution is uniform on all sides.


Gradually transition to placing lightest color roses as you work toward the top of the arrangement.


Trim any leftover flowers and wrap with ribbon or decorative twine for thoughtfully coordinated place settings.

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 Photographs: LEAFtvFor more entertaining how-to and inspiration check out LEAFtv.