These Stylish Pieces Are Halloween-Approved


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

We will freely admit we’re already sourcing all things Halloween. Being that we’re still waiting on the equinox, fall has not officially started yet. but we’re not ones to be held back on account of a technicality. Any excuse for a home décor–themed shopping mission, and we’re bound to be first out of the gate. If you’re of a similar ilk, and getting a jump on holiday decorations is right up your alley, welcome to our first roundup of cleverly chic home accents that effortlessly work as Halloween decorations.

Channeling a subtle yet spooky vibe is all about sharp silhouettes, spirited vintage, and all the black-on-black vibes we can handle. We’ve culled our favorite selections from One Kings Lane that fit the bill perfectly. The best part? They’re also investment pieces that will last well beyond the holiday itself. Add these affordable and sophisticated accessories to any room, and you’ll be sitting on a decidedly stylishly haunted-mansion aesthetic. Treat yourself.

Are you already decorating for the holidays?