How to Make Over Any Room in Just 6 Weeks

Is there that one room in your house that makes you feel just blah? You know, the room that needs more than just a new paint job—it needs an overhaul in furniture, décor choices, and a fresh jolt of personality? Us, too, but decorating a room, let alone a house, can take time… and lots of it. That’s why we’ve created a guide to make redecorating way less overwhelming by breaking it down into six digestible steps that you can follow. And, since we all have jobs, families, and lives to attend to, we’ve spread the home revamp over six weeks so that you can do it at your own pace. For inspiration, we hit up the best people for the job: the One Room Challenge alumni.

Twice a year, the One Room Challenge brings together 20 brave home décor bloggers and interior designers who take on the daunting task of completely transforming a room in just six weeks—and document their process along the way. The task is not an easy one (this writer can attest to it firsthand), but if over 700 rooms were created during this challenge’s 10 seasons of existence, you can do it too.

Ready to make over your own room in six weeks? Read on to get our top tips, and follow along this season of the One Room Challenge, which kicks off today.

Do you have invaluable tips for decorating a room in a time crunch? Share your wisdom with us in the comments below.