The One Thing You Should Never Buy From IKEA

IKEA can be a treasure trove of bargain finds for the home styled with Swedish sensibilities. For the student, the recent grad, or even the first-time homeowner looking to furnish their new space without exhausting their bank account, IKEA has become a mainstay of mass-market, functional furniture. According to a recent article on, many home décor experts classify IKEA's offerings into two primary categories: "ones you should buy, and ones you should avoid at all costs." 

Christophe Pourny, author of The Furniture Bible, shared his thoughts on the second category, expanding on why exactly one should skip certain pieces among the retailer's extensive catalogue. "The key to a great shopping experience with IKEA is to focus on basic items or staples in the room," says Pourny. His IKEA go-to is sturdy office furniture, chairs in particular. 

One of the big no-nos that made Pourny's avoid-at-all-costs list are mattresses. Apparently, when it comes to sleep, you're not going to get your best on one of IKEA's mattress offerings. With prices ranging from $80 to $1000, the mattresses typically beat out competitors in terms of the modest dent they'll leave on your wallet, but the quality just simply isn't on par. A review based on 224 consumer experiences gathered from 68 sources found IKEA's latex, foam, and spring options warrant disappointing owner satisfaction grades, from B- to D. It was deduced the mattresses have "questionable durability/longevity especially for everyday, long-term adult use." The under-$400 models are especially ill-suited for adults. So if you're looking to get a good night's sleep, it's best to enjoy the meatballs and skip the mattress. 

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