Meet the Startup That’s Hoping to Be the Netflix of Air Travel

From healthy vegan meals to clothes selected by a personal stylist, these days one can subscribe to just about anything—including airline travel. Bloomberg is reporting on a new startup called OneGo that’s hoping to let frequent flyers better access airfare with simplified booking. For a $2950 monthly fee, flyers can book all the flights they want on OneGo. The app, which launched today, is starting with 76 airports on its rooster. With the basic OneGo plan, flyers are allowed to hold four reservations at any one time, but trips must be booked seven days in advance. Additional costs, like cabin upgrades and baggage fees, are not covered by OneGo. The company hopes to help business travelers save time by focusing on only the best flight schedules. “By eliminating those factors like price and payment, you really allow people to focus on where they need to be,” founder Paulius Grigas told Bloomberg. “You let them focus on their needs.” All-you-can-fly promotions have been used for years by the airline industry, but it’s hard to tell whether or not OneGo will take off.

If you’re a frequent flier, invest in a pair of quality headphones to drown out the sounds of the airplane.

Would you pay a monthly fee for unlimited air travel?