The Totally Free Online Resources That Will Boost Your Career

We get it—the career hustle is real. There's so much competition and some seriously talented players, which means to compete fairly, you really need to up your game. The good news is advancing your skills is easy thanks to our favorite friend, the Internet. Whether it's industry knowledge you require or some new expertise, there's an abundance of free resources online—all you need is to find the time. Scroll down to discover the Business Insider roundup of some fee-free online resources you can start using today. 

Research the Position You Want at the Company You Love
If you already know the company you want to work for, Glassdoor is just what you need. It has employee reviews from companies of all sizes so you can find out what it's really like to work there before you apply. The site also includes compensation data and other useful information that will help you prepare for a job interview or to negotiate salary.

Increase Your Skillset in Specific Areas
Get insider access to hundreds of video lectures and exercises with a Khan Academy account. Site executive director Sal Khan narrates each of the videos on varied topics—even John Legend shares his personal story on overcoming early rejections. This site is perfect for getting down to specifics rather than an entire subject. For example, learn how the stock market works or how to build a balance sheet. 

Become Fluent in Code
The Codeacademy beginner-level course will help you understand the mechanics of everyday coding and remove the mystery surrounding how software and websites work. Learn computer speak such as HTML and CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, and Ruby. After this, you will be fluent enough in HTML to take on your company's content management system or build a website.

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