The Savvy Girl's Guide to Online Dating

Ten years ago, when the only popular online dating websites were Match and eHarmony, a group of guys walked into my mostly female office and asked all the single ladies to test out a new dating website they were creating. I had been single for two years, and dating websites seemed incredibly uncool to me, but this one, I'm in Like With You, sounded interesting, so I created a profile. Little did I know that this would be the start of eight years of active online dating. OkCupidTinder, Hinge, Bumble—I’ve obsessively tried them all, almost as if they were an addiction. While online dating can be awkward, frustrating, and disappointing, it can also be a lot of fun. Although I have yet to meet “the one,” I can say that I’ve successfully mastered the art of online dating. Wondering how you can up your game? Here’s the savvy girl’s guide to navigating all those much hyped-about dating apps. 

Are you actively online dating? How is it going?