5 Online Jobs for University Students That Are Actually Legit

Updated 08/03/17
online jobs for college students
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It can be tough to find time to have a job while you're in school—especially if you're trying to keep your GPA up. As graduation looms nearer on the horizon, however, you may find yourself wanting to flex your new skills by trying out part-time work. Working while in school has its perks—the first, of course, is building that nest egg, which is a great cushion to have when you're job-hunting after graduation. Finding part-time work is also a résumé builder, a way to flesh out those first job applications, and a way to show an introductory level of real-world experience.

One of the best opportunities is to pick up an online job for college students. Working remotely allows students to make the most of their time, cutting out unnecessary commuting, while providing a greater range of opportunities. Curious to see what kinds of gigs are out there? Keep reading as we round up five of the best online jobs for uni students.


One of the most practical ways to apply your skillset is by tutoring, and luckily, there are plenty of online opportunities. Explore jobs through the Australian Tutoring Association, to get the scope of opportunities available. If you're bilingual, there are additional opportunities for tutoring U.S. students hoping to pick up a second language. Check out additional openings through your university's job postings as well.


If you're patient and detail-oriented, you may find your skillset is best suited for transcribing. Sites like TranscribeMe provide freelance opportunities that work with your schedule and allow you to set how many hours a week you'd like to work. Pay is dependent on transcription length. 

Virtual Assistant

Well-organised students with excellent communication skills can pursue work as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants will find their tasks to be varied, with tasks entailing everything from setting up meetings to data entry. Find opportunities through The Virtual Assistant where jobs are typically listed under admin work.

Freelance Writer

English majors, rejoice! There is the perfect remote job for you—freelance writing. Becoming a freelance writer is a great experience to have on your résumé if you're pursuing work in the editorial realm, plus you can build a writing portfolio of live work. Craigslist is again a great place to start looking for opportunities. Freelancers set their own rates and are usually paid per word. 

Data Entry Clerk

True, data entry is not the most riveting work, but it is easy to pick up, create your own schedule with, and doesn't take much experience to begin. Basic computer and typing skills are often the only prerequisites, so use this low-touch side hustle as a way to make a little pocket change.

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