These Online Plant Delivery Services Will Transform Your Space Into a "Jungalow"

Updated 03/06/18

You've probably noticed that we're a bit obsessed with houseplants here at MyDomaine HQ. While we've waxed poetic about their air-purifying and mood-boosting qualities on multiple occasions, we have yet to reveal our go-to sources for shopping for greenery (aside, from Amazon's convenient plant shop, of course).

Whether you're looking to add a simple succulent to your windowsill or turn your bathroom into a tropical paradise, these online sources make it easy to liven up your space without needing to navigate your local nursery. The best part? Door-to-door delivery means you don't have to worry about how you're going to transport that oversize fiddle-leaf tree from your local nursery to your third-floor apartment.

Ahead are five of our go-to online plant delivery services that will transform your space into a "jungalow."

The Sill

online plant delivery
Amy Bartlam

It's not hard to see why The Sill's trendy aesthetic has garnered the brand something of a cult following on Instagram. But even if you can't make the trek to NYC to visit the shop's highly Instagramable brick-and-mortar store, luckily, you can shop its selection of gorgeous indoor plants and modern planters online. The easy-to-navigate site even includes a "best for beginners" category, making it simple to find the right plant to suit your gardening skill level.


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Amy Bartlam

Anthropologie's gardening-focused shop is our go-to for sourcing everything from terrariums to potting soil and gardening tools. Terrain is as beautifully curated as its well-known sister site, making it easy to shop stylish finds to bring the outdoors in. If you don't have a green thumb, we highly suggest scrolling through the site's selection of surprisingly realistic faux plants (you'd never guess they're fake).

Léon & George

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Courtesy of Katerine Carter Design

Founded by two city dwellers "committed to the idea that plants and people belong together," Léon & George aims to bring the joy of nature indoors. Los Angeles and San Fransisco Bay Area residents, rejoice. Boasting a selection of trendy fiddle-leaf trees, tropical birds of paradise, and easy-to-care-for snake plants, the brand delivers greenery that's already potted and ready for watering directly to your door.

The Plant Shed

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Amy Bartlam

The Plant Shed is a must-bookmark if you're local to New York City. The devoted plant and flower shop has been an Upper West Side staple for over 37 years, delivering everything from beautiful bouquets of roses and tulips to desk-friendly cacti and succulents to New Yorkers. If you love blooms, check out its flower subscription service so your home is always filled with fresh, fragrant florals.

Lula's Garden

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Heidi's Bridge

Specializing in simple, stylish, and eco-friendly succulent gardens, Lula's Garden ships carefully crafted collections nationwide. Prices range from $25 to $65 (and up to $145, if you're local to Los Angeles and looking to splurge on something special). While the brand does ship nationwide, it does recommend springing for a heat pack if you're sending greenery to a destination with temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Want to ensure your plants live a long and healthy life? Here, a green thumb shares his number one houseplant watering hack (it's foolproof).

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