Best Plant Delivery Services

Bloomscape is our top pick for indoor and outdoor plants

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Best Plant Delivery Services

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Plant delivery services offer live plants for sale via shipping or local delivery. Using plant delivery services can allow customers to shop online for indoor and outdoor plants the same way they might shop for anything else, saving them a trip to the store and eliminating the hassle of hauling larger plants home on public transit or spilling potting soil in a clean car. 

The best plant delivery services are those that boast a wide service area, offer a decent variety of options to shoppers, and deliver each order in healthy condition. These companies have affordable prices, reasonable shipping fees, and often include support to help buyers troubleshoot any issues the plants may be having once they're delivered.

The Best Plant Delivery Services of 2021

Best Overall: Bloomscape



Why We Chose It: Bloomscape offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants, with a user-friendly website and informative plant care guides—including the impressive Vera app—that make the gardening process a breeze for beginners. 

What We Like: 

  • Indoor Plants 
  • Vera app makes gardening easy for beginners 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • No subscription option
  • Little to no low-cost (under $30) options 

Fifth-generation greenhouse grower Justin Mast founded Bloomscape as a direct greenhouse-to-customer site, and his expertise in raising, shipping, and caring for plants has allowed the business to thrive, especially as house plant purchases continue to grow in the United States. Reviewers praise the company for its top-notch customer service, excellent plant quality, and informative resources for beginner gardeners—including the impressive Vera app, which helps plant parents plan water and fertilizer schedules, track growth over time, and troubleshoot any issues that arise. 

Bloomscape boasts a popular line of indoor offerings, such as neon prayer plants or money trees, and a special category for pet-friendly plants helps shoppers determine which products are safest for their families, furry members included. Plants start at about $40 for options such as a peperomia watermelon (pot included). Higher-end potted plants, like fiddle leaf figs or bamboo palms, can run up to as much as $250. Prices are impacted primarily by the size of the plant. Bloomscape also sells plenty of accessories: Add houseplant fertilizer, gardening gloves, and propagation kits to your order for additional help in your gardening journey—or go all-in and grab a full-sized grow light for about $200. 

Bloomscape is available to ship anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States. In most cases, you can expect your order to arrive via UPS and track its journey to your door. Each plant is packaged with care to ensure that it remains healthy and stays in place during shipping. In the winter months, that includes additional insulation and the occasional heat pack. Bloomscape touts its commitment to finding sustainable packing and shipping solutions without passing along hefty additional fees to its customers, so while its packaging isn’t entirely carbon-neutral, you can rest assured that most of the packaging in your shipment is made from biodegradable or recyclable material. 

Best for Indoor Plants: Horti



Why We Chose It: Horti tests all of its plant varieties in small apartments, so buyers know they’re getting houseplants that can thrive indoors—and with the company’s houseplant subscription, an at-home oasis is just a few monthly deliveries away.

What We Like: 

  • Multiple subscription plans 
  • Specialized advice for those in small spaces 
  • Classic terracotta pots included in many orders 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • No flat/easy-to-estimate shipping cost
  • No outdoor or edible options 

Based in New York City, Horti was founded with a focus on city-dwelling gardeners. Founders Puneet Sabharwal and Bryana Sortino noticed a lack of resources for those trying to grow plants in small spaces, so they started Horti in the hopes of consolidating plant recommendations, care advice, and convenient purchasing for those looking to greenify their tiny homes—and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Customers can jumpstart their at-home gardening pursuits with the option to “Order a Jungle,” which starts at roughly $70 for five plants. Choose between four options—Low-Light, Pet-Friendly, Hard to Kill, or “Horti’s Pick”—and select the number of plants you’d like (up to 20 for about $240). 

For a smaller intro to plant parenting, single plants start at about $14 and can include peperomias, palms, philodendrons, and more. Prices largely depend on plant size, and shipping costs vary based on USPS rates and your location. Horti shipments are packaged for durability, even in the cold weather: During winter months, expect heat packs that will keep the plant warm and thriving for 48 hours or more. The company also takes weather into account. If winter storms are expected, Horti will hold your order until they get the all-clear—all in the interest of delivering a healthy, happy plant, even if it’s a few days later than expected. 

For ongoing shipments, consider Horti’s popular plant subscription program. Available in three options (New to Planting, Pet-Friendly, or “Horti’s Pick”), subscribers pay less than $30 per month for regular plant deliveries—terracotta pots included—that are specifically curated to help grow your confidence as a gardener. Choose from month-to-month, six-, and twelve-month subscription plans. Shipping costs are included in six- and twelve-month plans. Customers praise the company’s responsive customer service, easy-to-grow plants, and straightforward business model.

Best for Outdoor: Lively Root

Lively Root

 Lively Root

Why We Chose It: With its extensive selection of bulbs, patio plants, and landscape shrubs, Lively Root offers a wealth of options for the outdoor gardener in addition to the indoor specimens more common among plant delivery companies. 

What We Like: 

  • Large variety of plants available 
  • Frequent sales 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Shipping is only free for orders over $49  

All Lively Root plants are grown at the company’s San Diego nursery and shipped directly to customers, eliminating any middlemen and shortening the time it takes to arrive at your door. You can count on its responsive support team to help you troubleshoot any issues with your plants via email, and the company offers plenty of resources to help new gardeners ease into plant parenthood. 

Lively Root ships to all 48 contiguous United States and standard shipping (about four to seven business days) is free for orders over $49—a rarity in the industry. Reviewers rave about Lively Root’s high-quality products. Plants start as low as about $20, with a robust selection of both indoor and outdoor options. As you shop, filter by plant size, pet friendliness, care levels, or light, water, and humidity needs. Lively Root especially stands out for its outdoor flowers. The site offers regular sales and discounts, and those looking for multiple new specimens can purchase curated bundles for even steeper savings.

Best for Variety: Nature Hills Nursery

Nature Hills Nursery

Nature Hills Nursery

Why We Chose It: Nature Hills Nursery offers something for every aspiring gardener, from shrubs and outdoor plants to houseplants and perennials.

What We Like: 

  • Huge selection of plants 
  • Ability to shop by USDA Zone 
  • Regular sales 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Shipping prices increase with order size
  • No info on sustainability practices for shipping and packing materials

Nature Hills bills itself as “America’s Largest Online Plant Nursery,” and with its extensive selection, it’s easy to see why. The Nebraska-based company was originally founded as a tree nursery in 2001 but has since expanded its offerings into all kinds of indoor and outdoor flowers, shrubs, grasses, and more. Reviewers praise the company’s wide selection and helpful growing guides. 

Part of what allows Nature Hills to cover so many bases is its large footprint: With warehouses spread across the United States, shipping many different types of plants to many different regions is simply easier. Shop for your plants based on your USDA Zone, and zero in on exactly the varieties that will work well in your climate—inside or outside. 

Plants from Nature Hills generally run between $30 and $200, with shipping costs that start at $18 for orders under $20 and scale up to 27% of the purchase price on any hauls over $130. Fortunately, the company frequently offers specials and discounts that cut these additional delivery costs, so keep an eye out for deals.

Best for Pets: Leon & George

Léon & George

 Léon & George

Why We Chose It: While most houseplant purveyors offer the option to search for pet-friendly specimens, Leon & George offers an especially wide variety of options in the space—all with the assurance of a 45-day guarantee and the assistance of in-house “plant doctors.”

What We Like: 

  •  45-day guarantee
  • Access to “plant doctors” for troubleshooting issues 
  • Wide variety of pet-friendly options

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Shipping varies  
  • More expensive than many competitors

Leon & George was founded in 2016 to revolutionize the way budding gardeners shop for houseplants—with the bonus of ongoing guidance on how to keep those purchases alive, too. The personalized experience begins with a “plant quiz,” which gathers information about the room you’re shopping for, the amount of sunlight you expect the area to receive, and how much experience you have with nurturing plants at home. The quiz also asks about children and pets—crucial members of the household when it comes to selecting plants that could be toxic if ingested. 

Leon & George offers more than 20 plant varieties specifically designated as safe for pet owners. And its commitment to top-notch service ensures that adding a plant to your family is hassle-free. Should you encounter any issues with your specimen, L&G’s “plant doctors” are just an email away. Plus, if your plant dies during the first 45 days, the company will replace it for free. 

All plants purchased through Leon & George come with a handmade ceramic pot. “Large” and “extra-large” plants also come with a free moisture meter, which can help indicate when it’s time to water them. Standard shipping starts at about $5, and a white glove delivery service (available only in California) is also available. In the winter, Leon & George insulates packages to ensure they stay warm in transit, and throughout the warmer months, you can count on plants to arrive specially wrapped to maintain humidity.

Best for Subscriptions: The Sill

The Sill

The Sill

Why We Chose It: With two straightforward subscription options and a wealth of add-ons and bundles, The Sill offers affordable, approachable ongoing opportunities to help customers get into indoor gardening. 

What We Like: 

  • Straightforward subscription options 
  • Transparent shipping costs 
  • Wide variety of low-maintenance plants 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Less variety than some competitors 

Looking to build your indoor garden slowly over time? Consider a subscription to The Sill, which offers monthly deliveries that will help make your home a little greener. The package comes in two varieties—one for “plant lovers” and one for “pet parents”—and costs roughly $60-$65 per month, including shipping, for a new plant and ceramic pot delivery each billing cycle. Skip a month or cancel any time, and rest assured that you’ll be given all of the information you need to care for your new houseplant. 

If you just want to take it slow, though, The Sill has plenty of single plants on offer, too, with options starting around $20. Choose from live plants alongside faux, dried, and preserved ones. Or add accessories to your plant order: The Sill sells potting mix, gardening gloves, and more. Shipping costs start at about $5 and increases depending on the size of your order, with special care taken to use sustainable packaging wherever possible. The Sill ships anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States.

Final Verdict

There are loads of online companies that offer plant delivery services. Some companies, like The Sill and Horti, specialize in houseplants and offer monthly deliveries through subscriptions, with plenty of resources to help newbies get acclimated to plant parenthood. Other companies, like Lively Root and Nature Hills Nursery, pack a punch for their wide variety, with plenty of indoor and outdoor specimens and a whole host of sizes available for purchase. Pet owners can rest easy with plant deliveries from Leon & George, which offers more than 20 non-toxic plants for in-home growing. 

But the top choice for plant delivery is Bloomscape, a company that competed with the best of its peers when it comes to indoor/outdoor variety. Its shipping costs—free for orders over $75—make big orders more budget-friendly. And its mobile app, Vera, is a resource for customers and curious onlookers alike, offering plant parents a free platform to create a water and fertilizer schedule or track their growing progress from day to day.

How to Choose the Best Plant Delivery Services 

When you’re ready to buy a plant online, the best service for you will depend largely on your individual needs, from the space you plan to plant your new greenery to the budget you have in mind for purchasing it. Here’s what to look for:

  • Plant Variety: Are you looking for indoor or outdoor plants? Do you want flowers, greenery, or air purifying species? Consider your lighting, ideal watering schedule, and any housemates (including furry ones!) who might be influenced by your choice, and check out the selection available at different retailers. 
  • Shipping Fees: Every outlet has different shipping fees and policies. Check to make sure the shipping fees at your preferred site fit your budget and look at the shipping schedule or policies to ensure that you will be home to unpack your plant soon after it arrives. 
  • Guarantees: Especially important if you’re new to plant parenthood, consider purchasing your plant from a company that offers a guarantee on its products. This will ensure that if your plant dies within a certain period, you are entitled to a replacement or, in some cases, a refund. 

Plant Delivery Services vs. Do-It-Yourself

Yes, you can drive to your nearest home improvement store and purchase many different kinds of plants. So why order through a plant delivery service? 

Plant delivery services offer convenience: Customers don’t have to leave the couch to beautify their homes with greenery and florals. It can also eliminate mess, removing the possibility that potting soil might spill in your car. Plant delivery services also often include ongoing customer support, with representatives available to help plant parents troubleshoot any issues they’re having with keeping a new plant happy and healthy. Delivery services are almost always going to be more expensive than purchasing a plant in-person at the store, but customers may prefer the more personalized support and greater convenience available online.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Order Succulents Online Using Plant Delivery Services?

Yes. Many plant delivery services offer succulents, both as single items and as bundles. For a good starting point, look for a collection of multiple small succulents, like Bloomscape’s “Potted String of Succulents” bundle. 

Are Plant Delivery Services Good for Houseplants? 

Yes. Most plant delivery services specialize in houseplants, which tend to be smaller than their outdoor counterparts. Some companies, like Horti, even test all of their plants in small spaces with varying degrees of light, which makes them especially reliable options for customers who are shopping for indoor greenery. 

How Much Do Plant Delivery Services Cost?

Most plant deliveries cost at least about $20, with many larger plants going for up to $250. You may also have to pay for the plant’s ceramic pot, accessories, or shipping fees. Generally speaking, you will likely pay around $40-75 for a plant delivery from an online retailer. Plant delivery services cost more than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. 


When reviewing plant delivery services for this assessment, we looked for companies that offered a variety of plant types, reliable products, approachable support, and reasonable prices. 

Online reviews and affordable pricing were huge factors in our selection process, too. We also focused on purveyors that offer unique customer service perks to their customers—think Bloomscape's handy Vera app, or Leon & George's "plant doctors"—and set themselves apart from traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.