Never Pay Full Price for Anything With These 3 Smart Online Shopping Shortcuts

Updated 05/06/19
Harper and Harley

If you do the bulk of your shopping online, you'll know that costs can quickly add up. After you tally tax and shipping fees, those seemingly harmless impulse purchases can amount to a serious sum, but according to online shopping pros, there are a number of ways to avoid added costs and never pay full price again.

Apartment Therapy tapped a number of leading finance and décor bloggers to find out which hacks they swear by to keep costs down. Their tips are surprisingly achievable and not at all laborious. It turns out that by downloading a few new apps, switching up your shopping routine, and browsing new sites, you could cut the cost of every purchase. Here are their best tips for saving money at the checkout.

1. Leave your cart full for a while: Patrice Williams, blogger and author of Looking Fly on a Dime, avoids checking out straight away. Instead, she says leaving your cart full for a day or two can lead to real savings. "Some shops will email you asking if you want to complete your order and may even throw in a discount code or free shipping. But this only happens if you're logging in to your account with the company," she tells Apartment Therapy.

2. Download store-specific apps: If you tend to purchase from the same outlets, download their store apps, recommends Brooke Ulrich from All Things Thrifty. "I think companies are putting a lot of money into developing user-friendly apps right now, so they are putting their best coupons on them to try and stimulate users," she says.

3. Use shopping aggregates: When Williams is searching for a specific item, like new linen or a trenchcoat, she uses sites like ShopStyle, which aggregate items according to a category, rather than from a single brand.

How do you score the best online shopping deals? Share your tips below.

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