PSA: These Are the Only Organic Meal Delivery Services Worth Considering

organic meals delivered
Sakara Life

Busy weeks often lead to a ton of Seamless nights since grocery shopping isn't in the cards (and neither is cooking, for that matter). We already looked into the best healthy meal you can get delivered straight to your door when you can't cook—or don't want to—but what about organic food delivery services for those who are a little more conscious of what they're consuming? We found out that there are fewer all-organic services, but those that happen to be out there are superb.

Whether you have some time to follow a recipe or have five minutes or less to get your meal on the table or into your hands, there are options for you. These companies all do their best to get you the freshest ingredients out there, including sustainable, grass-fed, and pasture-raised items (although some are plant-based). Plus, some services even offer you à la carte options so you don't need to commit to a membership—unless you become hooked, that is.

Below are the only five places to use when you want to get organic food delivered.

Sakara life

organic food delivery
Sakara Life

We can't talk about organic food delivery without mentioning Sakara Life founders Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise since they are pretty much responsible for spearheading this concept. When no particular diet seemed to work well for DuBoise, she decided to create her own healthy, plant-based meal plan with best friend Tingle (they swear that Sakara is not a diet). The company's tasty meals guarantee 200% of your daily recommended fiber and more than 100% of your necessary vitamins and minerals. If you choose to get the Signature Program, you'll get breakfast, lunch, dinner, detox teas, and beauty and detox waters.

Price: Custom plans start at $119 a week

Delivers to: The continental U.S.

Prep time: Zero

Ingredient rundown: These clean eats contain only organic fruits and veggies and are free of dairy, gluten, eggs, meat, and seafood.


healthy food delivery

We've been seeing Provenance meals pop up on some of our favorite wellness influencers' Instagram accounts, and now we can see why. The "real food" delivery service makes meals from scratch and is all about giving you choices—as in you select what you'll eat each week (like fish tacos with pico de gallo and avocado sauce or a market vegetable frittata). What's more? Many of the meal containers are compostable and can be put right in the trash (so cool).

Price: Starting at $65 per day

Delivers to: New York City and parts of New Jersey

Prep time: Zero

Ingredient rundown: Meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, and contain no refined sugars, while the meat is grass-fed, the poultry is pasture-raised, and the seafood is sustainably sourced. All items are organic and locally sourced whenever possible.

sun basket

healthy food delivered

Those who enjoy cooking, rejoice: Sun Basket's Executive Chef Justine Kelly, formerly of San Francisco's popular Slanted Door restaurant, creates good-for-you recipes utilizing organic and sustainable ingredients. (There are Paleo and gluten-free options, too). Then everything you'll need to cook the meals are delivered straight to your door. You can choose from a classic menu with three recipes a week or the family menu with two to four recipes a week (you even get to choose how many people are eating in both program options, which makes sure there aren't too many leftovers).

Price: Starting at $10 per serving

Delivers to: Most states, excluding AK, HI, MT, and parts of NM

Prep time: Depends on the recipe, but there are designated "20-Minute Meals"

Ingredient rundown: Sun Basket relies on seasonal and organic produce (whenever possible), hormone-free meat, and sustainable seafood. All organic products are labeled in your meal kit.


organic meals

If you're not totally up for an organic meal delivery subscription that you have to constantly monitor, you can go the à la carte route with Veestro. Choose from breakfasts, entrees, soups, desserts and juices, weight loss–friendly meals, and juice cleanses (basically whatever your little heart desires). The plant-based meals are packed with tons of fresh veggies because founders and brother/sister duo Mark and Monica grew up in Costa Rica, where this type of eating is the norm. It's the perfect option for those who want to be healthy without giving up everything—which is why the service's baked mac and cheese and black bean pasta alfredo exist.

Price: Minimum order of $35 (from $10 per meal)

Delivers to: All states

Prep time: Zero

Ingredient rundown: All of Veestro's ingredients are vegan, most are organic, and all are preservative-free.


easy healthy meals

Everyone loves New Yorker Rachel Drori's superfood-packed smoothies, overnight oats, ice cream "sundaes," and parfaits. Once you choose your liquid base with Daily Harvest, you blend or soak or heat so you can eat your meal in just about no time. What's more is that we're loving that the healthy food service is rolling out its new aptly named Harvest Bowls later this month that are filled with combinations of veggies, spices, herbs, seeds, and healing ingredients like turmeric, kimchi, and kitchari. Who else can't wait to try them?

Price: Starting at $48 for six cups

Delivers to: 95% of the continental U.S.

Prep time: Minimal (4 minutes or less)

Ingredient rundown: Organic fruits and veggies are frozen on the farm to ensure maximum freshness (amazing).

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